Aldi shopper locked inside store raids alcohol aisle before police arrive

An Aldi shopper in the US has chronicled on TikTok how he was locked inside his local store and later rescued by police.

Capturing the hilarious mishap on TikTok, the customer said he was trapped in the Aldi store after staff decided to lock up early and failed to check the aisles for remaining shoppers.

“During the pandemic, Aldi closed early and the cashier neglected to make sure no customers were left in the store,” reads the caption, alongside the hashtag #youhadonejob.

“I guess I’m invisible or something,” wrote the confused Oklahoma man in his viral TikTok.

US Aldi shopper locked inside store on TikTok
US Aldi shopper captured how he was locked inside his local store and later rescued by police on TikTok. Source: TikTok/@khaosblackmetal

“I just got locked in an Aldi and they don’t close ‘til 9 o’clock,” says the man, looking at his watch.

The TikToker claimed he and another shopper were locked inside the Aldi store at 8.45pm – 15 minutes before it was scheduled to close.

He then proceeds to shout into the empty store: “Can anybody hear me? I’m locked in an Aldi!”

In the 51-second video, the man explains that he decided to call the police to free him from the supermarket, rather than set off the alarm.

30 minutes and a bottle of wine later, the police arrive

Luckily, the shopper doesn’t need to worry about starving to death, because the store is filled with food and alcohol to keep him busy.

Reaching for a six-pack of Brens German-style lager, the customer proceeds to “pass the time” by cracking a beer and waving at the security camera.

However, the bored Aldi shopper soon upgrades to wine, which he drinks while waiting for help to arrive.

Aldi shopper rescued from supermarket in TikTok video
30 minutes and a bottle of wine later, the Aldi shopper was rescued from the supermarket by police. Source: TikTok/@khaosblackmetal

Finally, 30 minutes and a bottle of wine later, the police show up to release the man and his companion from their Aldi fortress.

“The police officer is cracking up,” says the man, as the Aldi manager eventually opens the door for the customer.

The lighthearted video has since gone viral, amassing 5.5 million views and more than 300,000 likes and comments from amused users.

‘Party at Aldi’: TikTok users respond to viral video in the comments

“Party at Aldi!” joked one TikTok user.

“Honestly should have done what Kevin did in Home Alone,” laughed another.

While a third suggested that the shoppers camp out until the next day: “All the food and alcohol. And Aldis usually has blankets. I would have camped out and surprised the opener the next day.”

Even someone claiming to be the daughter of the police officer reacted in the comments, saying: “My dad was the cop! He’s since retired, but he had a good laugh at that call.”

The shopper responded by saying: “The dispatcher laughed at us and he was cracking up the whole time outside while we waited on the manager.”

However, not everyone was convinced by the video with several Aldi workers questioning how the shoppers were locked inside undetected.

“I used to work at Aldi. It took us an hour to clean the store. I’m wondering where were you the whole time?” asked one suspicious former Aldi employee.

“Okay, former employee here HOW it takes us at least an HOUR to close down and we checked the entire store before leaving!?!” wrote a second.

However, the shopper responded to the skeptical retailer workers in the comments, saying the cashier didn’t even look for the customers when closing up.

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