What shopping at Coles, Woolworths or Aldi says about you, according to TikTok

A TikToker has revealed which personalities shop at supermarket giants Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and IGA. So is she right?

Aussie TikTok user, @carlyztiktok, posted a video this week describing the stereotypical personalities of customers you’ll meet at different supermarkets, also including Harris Farms and Costco.

“If you shop at Aldi, first of all, everyone in your life knows that you shop at Aldi. You thrive during chaos and your flex is getting a special buy,” explains the woman in the video against a backdrop of the no-frills Aldi supermarket.

“If you shop at Woolies, you’re a no-nonsense person who knows what they want out of life and does not embrace change,” she explains.

Stills of the TikToker from her video. Source: TikTok/@carlyztiktok
The Aussie TikToker posted a video describing the stereotypical personalities of customers you’ll meet at different supermarkets. Source: TikTok/@carlyztiktok

She doesn’t hold back when describing typical Coles shoppers, who she says think they’re better than a few people, whispering “Woolies shoppers”.

The woman also says that Coles shoppers “don’t mind just browsing around, you don’t really know what you want out of life, you have kind of an idea but you just go where it takes you.”

Unlike Coles shoppers, IGA shoppers are hailed as “the nicest people that everybody knows”.

“You are reliable, you are salt of the earth, you will literally give someone the shirt off your back if they need it,” explains the TikToker.

Meanwhile, the TikTok offers congratulations to anyone who shops regularly at Harris Farms.

“If you shop at Harris Farm, congratulations on doing well for yourself, firstly. And secondly, you don't have a life, you have a lifestyle,” she laughs.

Finally, the TikToker gives a shout-out to Costco shoppers who are always prepared for anything life throws at them.

She says: “Firstly, you love to feel a part of something and secondly, you are well-prepared for any of life’s situations no matter what it may throw at you, you have the perfect thing to clean it up.”

The hilarious video has quickly gained over 1,800 views from Aussie shoppers who laughed at the accuracy of the TikToker's descriptions.

However, the question on everyone’s minds is where does the TikToker shop?

“Where do you shop?” asked one user.

The TikToker responded: “I would never reveal my personality like that.”

So, it looks like we will never know the answer...


Hilarious Woolworths delivery fail exposed on TikTok

A Woolworths shopper has seen the humour in a recent online delivery fail from the supermarket and shared her hilarious story with TikTok.

The shopper, @laurenashley, posted a video showing her recent grocery delivery from Woolworths, pointing out one item that left her scratching her head – the substitution for her laundry detergent.

In the video, captioned "Thanks Woolworths”, the mum revealed the strange swap, showing three large bags of granola sitting on her counter.

"For those who do your grocery [shopping] online, what is the stupidest thing you have ever been substituted?" she asked users, having a laugh at the situation.

"I ordered laundry detergent. They didn't have my usual laundry detergent so this is what I got instead," she continued, flipping the camera to show the edible replacement items.

The video soon went viral, amassing over 22,700 views, 2150 likes and hundreds of comments from shoppers who shared their own “delivery fails”.

Shoppers share their own hilarious 'delivery fails'

“I ordered newborn nappies and got adult nappies,” wrote one user.

“I ordered a bag of carrots. I got a tub of peppermint choc chip ice cream,” wrote a second.

“I ordered stage one formula. Instead I got batteries,” wrote a third.

While many shoppers advised that customers turn off substitutions altogether to avoid delivery mix-ups.

One shopper wrote: “I always click no substitution because stuff like this was happening every single time.”

Three bags of Jodrdans granola. Source: TikTok
The Woolworths shopper hilariously received granola in her delivery rather than laundry detergent. Source: TikTok

Other shoppers revealed they had been substituted vegetable seeds for vegetables, ham for fruit, lavender soap for cereal and cheese for a plastic ruler.

A spokesperson from Woolworths told Yahoo News Australia although the personal shoppers try their best to make sure the lists are met, mistakes can happen, with thousands of online orders coming through daily.

"While our teams work hard to provide a great experience every time, we don't always get substitutions right," said the spokesperson.

"We encourage customers to contact us directly should something be amiss with their order so we can rectify it as quickly as possible."

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