AusPost worker hailed in TikTok video: 'Cutest thing ever'

An Australia Post worker has proved that dogs truly are a man's best friend after his wholesome interaction with his favourite customer was caught on camera and posted online.

Described as "humanity at its finest", TikTok user Silvan Bluett filmed the heartwarming interaction between his border terrier Rory and his postman after he dropped off his mail.

"Been happening for weeks but finally caught it on camera," he captioned the adorable video.

Screenshots of the TikTok taken through a front window of a house showing the AusPost worker leaning over the gate and feeding the pet dog a treat.
The postie's interaction was posted on TikTok. Source: TikTok

'We're buddies'

The video shows the postie chatting to the dog as he drops off the mail, asking him if he's going to come to the gate to say hi.

“What do you have to be frightened of me for? We’re buddies,” he was heard saying to the pooch, who eventually made his way over.

He then reaches into his bag and pulls out some treats for the eagerly awaiting dog.

“I can hand feed you because we’re such good buddies,” he tells the dog, giving him a few snacks.

“I think four will do you today alrighty,” he says the dog, before clearly receiving some puppy dog eyes and giving in to giving him a few more.

“All right, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll drop a couple more and you can finish them after I go,” he tells the pup, before continuing on his route.

"Alright see ya next time".

Users love wholesome interaction

The video has been viewed over 75,500 times, with hundreds of people commenting on the postie's cute best friend.

“Humanity at its finest. Truest example of an absolute gentleman," one user wrote.

"Australia Post is indeed lucky to have this man represent the company. Well done mate."

"This is the cutest," another agreed.

Some users expressed their concerns about letting a stranger feed the pet.

“I think it is really sweet and most likely harmless, but please be careful. You never know what people could be giving your babies,” one wrote.

"Nice gesture but I'd be fuming if someone fed my dog without my permission," another said.

Secure dogs away from letterbox

The Australia Post website advises making sure dogs away from the letterbox when the postie arrives.

"Problems can also occur when trying to deliver to your door," it reads. "We've seen dogs lunge at their postie or driver when their owner is with them."

"You may think your dog wouldn't hurt anyone. But our posties don’t know that and might be concerned about approaching an unrestrained dog.

"If your dog isn’t restrained, incidents can happen, especially when you’re not at the premises."

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