'What a joke': Australia Post customer shocked by delivery fail

An Australia Post customer has been left frustrated and disappointed after finding their parcel left on top of their letterbox in full view of the street.

The resident said it was not the first time they had found a parcel in the open location and had already filed a complaint about the exact same issue.

At the time of the delivery, the resident was home but claims a delivery driver didn’t come to the door.

The resident's parcel was left sitting on top of the letterbox, in full view of the street. Source: Facebook
The resident's parcel was left sitting on top of the letterbox, in full view of the street. Source: Facebook

Instead, they received an email saying the parcel had been left “in a safe place” and found the parcel sitting on top of the letterbox.

On their website, Australia Post says safe places are “hidden” spots on the property like a porch, inside a mailbox or under a carport – not out in the open just metres from the road.

Upon viewing the photo, an Australia Post spokesperson said the placement was out of line with their procedures.

“Our people are working hard to deliver parcels for our customers, and while the vast majority arrive safely, in this case our delivery procedures have not been followed and we sincerely apologise to this customer,” the spokesperson said.

“Our drivers are instructed to only safe drop parcels if there is no signature required and the parcel can be left in a safe location – under no circumstance should a parcel be left on top of a letterbox.

“If customers have concerns about their delivery service, we encourage them to contact us directly on 13 POST so that we can investigate and address the issue.”

On Facebook, others were appalled by the situation.

“Oh my god are you kidding me... what a joke... absolutely disgusting and they don't care less,” one woman wrote.

“Be grateful it even arrived!” another quipped.

"Wow leaving it there where anyone can just take it! Oh, not a very safe place at all! Damn bloody stupid if you ask me!" a third person said.

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