1. 'Rise in pension age inevitable'

    'Rise in pension age inevitable'

    Treasurer says most heavy lifting in May budget will be done by those who have capacity to handle it.

  2. Buddy: 'Crash just an accident'

    Buddy: 'Crash just an accident'

    AFL superstar Lance Franklin says he wasn't on the phone or speeding when he crashed into four parked cars.

  3. Obama only eats half his sushi

    Obama only eats half his sushi

    Barack Obama enthused about the sushi he was served at a Michelin-starred restaurant, but stopped eating half way through the meal.

  4. Man charged for 'sexting'

    Man charged for 'sexting'

    A Sydney man has been charged for 'sexting', in what's believed to be one of the first cases of its type in Australia.

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