'Most gutwrenching day'

Nathan, 13, told family he wanted to be an organ donor. Two weeks later he died.

  1. Manicure kits 'just like sunbeds'

    Manicure kits 'just like sunbeds'

    WATCH: Doctors warn of the dangers of DIY manicure kits, putting us at risk of skin cancer and eye damage.

  2. Schoolgirls given tan injections

    Schoolgirls given tan injections

    WATCH: 'The girls were told that the injections were very safe and would help protect them from melanoma'

  3. 'I am totally at peace with the ocean'

    'I am totally at peace with the ocean'

    WATCH: Surfer Julian Wilson enters the water again a fortnight after Mick Fanning's shark attack.

  4. 'I can't believe I did this'

    'I can't believe I did this'

    WATCH: A neglectful mother became hysterical after she was incorrectly told her baby died in a hot vehicle.

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