Debris 'matches' MH370

Malaysian official confirms debris found on island is from a Boeing 777.

  1. Toddler's unusual birthday surprise

    Toddler's unusual birthday surprise

    Grayson Dobra is obsessed with a personal injury lawyer from TV - his mum's gift to him will make you smile.

  2. What the duck are they doing?

    What the duck are they doing?

    WATCH: A woman has filmed the bizarre moment she saw an exorcism take place in the middle of a duck pond.

  3. 'Business booming' after kids ban

    'Business booming' after kids ban

    A Queensland restaurant that controversially banned children under seven says 'it's been good for business'.

  4. The most heartbreaking image

    The most heartbreaking image

    A baby rock wallaby has been captured trying to climb back inside its mothers pouch after she was hit by a car.

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