1. Rolf Harris 'abused as a child'

    Rolf Harris 'abused as a child'

    A former protege of Rolf Harris claims the jailed sex predator was abused as a child by a teacher in Perth.

  2. Military stunt turns deadly

    Military stunt turns deadly

    Stunning footage has emerged of the moment an elite military helicopter came hurtling towards ground.

  3. MH370 hopes washed away

    MH370 hopes washed away

    Metallic debris thought to be a piece of MH370 turned out to be a ladder and did not come from an airplane.

  4. 'I can't believe I did this'

    'I can't believe I did this'

    WATCH: A neglectful mother became hysterical after she was incorrectly told her baby died in a hot vehicle.

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