'I didn’t believe her'

Jessica Shainberg woke up paralysed and was told she'd never walk again.

  1. Carr's plan to save Bali Nine pair

    Carr's plan to save Bali Nine pair

    Former foreign minister Bob Carr says Australia should call on other countries with prisoners facing death in Indonesia to help save the Bali pair.

  2. Ex-Knox head backtracks

    Ex-Knox head backtracks

    Former Knox headmaster Ian Paterson has changed his story, denying that he misled police about sex abuse at school.

  3. Harrison Ford 'battered but OK'

    Harrison Ford 'battered but OK'

    The actor 'had no choice' but to make an emergency after his single-engine plane lost power shortly after take off.

  4. Diary of a pregnant model

    Diary of a pregnant model

    For some, being eight months pregnant is a free pass to lie on the couch and eat whatever you like. Not for this model.

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