Sydney's changing face

Mark Ferguson looks at what makes Sydney special ahead of 7 News' Changing Face of Sydney series.

  1. Gay marriage is too 'decadent'

    Gay marriage is too 'decadent'

    Barnaby Joyce has warned that legalising same-sex marriage could affect Australia's relationship with Asia.

  2. 'It could happen in Australia'

    'It could happen in Australia'

    Scott Morrison says what is happening in Greece should be a warning for Australia and our aging population.

  3. Tunisia gunman 'couldn't kill a mouse'

    Tunisia gunman 'couldn't kill a mouse'

    The mother of the Tunisian gunman has spoken about the moment she learnt of her son's deadly massacre.

  4. Blind dog sees family for first time

    Blind dog sees family for first time

    WATCH: This is the heartwarming moment an Irish Terrier sees his family for the first time after eye surgery.

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