Lambie's horror threat

Jacqui Lambie has contacted police over a letter threatening a beheading.

  1. Aussie Bitcoin CEO killed

    Aussie Bitcoin CEO killed

    The Australian chief executive officer of an exchange company for Bitcoin cyber currency has been killed in Phuket.

  2. Putin opposition 'feared for life'

    Putin opposition 'feared for life'

    Boris Nemtsov admitted he was scared over his opposition to Putin a month before he was gunned down.

  3. Teargas fired at protesters

    Teargas fired at protesters

    Teargas and water cannons were fired at thousands of opposition supporters in Nepal protesting a new constitution.

  4. Precious stones used in bribes

    Precious stones used in bribes

    A former Chinese official was sentenced to 17 years in jail for taking bribes consisting of precious stones.

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