'It's poverty porn'

Residents fire back over controversial new Aussie documentary series.

  1. 'Alien signals' actually from microwave

    'Alien signals' actually from microwave

    Aussie scientists were left shocked to find signals coming from space were from a kitchen appliance.

  2. Is this Jesus as a young boy?

    Is this Jesus as a young boy?

    Italian police have used computer forensics and a relic to reveal what the religious figure looked like as a child.

  3. Dangerous sinkholes filled-in

    Dangerous sinkholes filled-in

    Potentially deadly sinkholes that left dozens of residents displaced have been filled-in in Sydney's west.

  4. Brave grandma fights kangaroo

    Brave grandma fights kangaroo

    A 78-year-old woman is a little worse for wear after getting into a nasty bust-up with a protective 'roo.

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