Woolworths shoppers shocked by TikTok bag hack: 'Love this!'

Is your Woolworths' Bag for Good not looking so good?

The @Woolworths_au official TikTok account recently shared their thrifty shopping bag hack that allows you to trade in any broken or torn reusable bag to receive a brand-new Bag for Good - free of charge.

The hilarious clip features Woolies staffer Liam Kirley, who is instantly recognisable due to his starring role in other viral Woolworths TikToks.

Woolworths employee Liam with this Bag for Good. Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au
Liam is enjoying his Bag for Good in the video before he reaslies it's a little worse for wear. Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au

In the video, Liam is frolicking with his ripped Bag for Good.

A narrator announces how much Liam loves his reusable bag, but since it’s looking a little worse for wear, he can hand it in and receive a brand-new one in its place.

“This is Liam’s much-loved Bag for Good, however, look at what it has been through... but he can go to the service desk at his local Woolies to get a brand new bag, free of charge!” the video explains.

What is Woolworths' Bag for Good?

Woolworths' durable 99-cent bag offers a lifetime guarantee, which is why their store policy is to replace it for free should it start to wear.

The supermarket giant removed all of its single-use plastic bags back in June 2018 and have since offered multiple reusable alternatives, such as their 15-cent reusable bag made from 80 per cent recycled plastics, or their $2.49 chiller bag.

Man walks past a Woolworths sign. Source: AAP
A Woolworths employee has shared a shopping bag hack with customers. Source: AAP

The bag featured in the TikTok, the Bag for Good, is arguably their most well-known and is commonly referred to by those familiar with it as "the green bag".

All profits from their Bag for Good are also used for Woolworths Junior Landcare Grants, which encourages young Australians to volunteer and participate in caring for their environment.

Customers stoked by Woolworths hack

The bag hack video has been viewed more than 12,000 views and gained more than 1700 likes since it was posted earlier this week, with an enthusiastic response from shoppers in the comments.

Despite the Bag for Good stating: “If this bag gets damaged, we’ll replace it for free” on the front of it, it seems many customers have overlooked the handy hack until watching this TikTok.

“What a great initiative! My bag’s looking very poor, so looks like a trip to Woolies is needed!” one shopper commented.

“Love this,” another said.

“Never knew this,” a third agreed.

However, one shopper was curious about where the ripped bag ended up, asking: “What does Liam do with his used bag?”

Rest assured, Woolworths is committed to recycling all returned Bags for Good as explained on their website.

This bag tip is one of several Woolworths shopping hacks to go viral on TikTok.

One video, shared by the official Woolworths TikTok account – and starring Liam, of course – shared their technique for packing shopping bags correctly.

Another TikTok which proved popular recently was shared by a Woolworths shopper.

He filmed the new freakishly accurate AI-enabled self checkout scale available in select stores that can tell the difference between your sweet potatoes and your bananas based purely on the fruit or vegetable’s weight.

The bag hack TikTok ends on a cautionary note about dancing outdoors with your newly replaced Bag for Good.

“Watch out for that dog poo, Liam!” the narrator warns.

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