Woolworths staffer reveals clever grocery packing hack: 'So simple'

A Woolworths staffer is showing customers how to properly bag their groceries in the latest TikTok video shared by the supermarket.

In the playful video shared by the official @Woolworths_au TikTok, a staffer helps shoppers to “get your diploma of grocery packing” by offering handy bagging hacks.

The TikTok, posted yesterday, features Woolworths' staffer Liam Kirley, who shot to fame recently on TikTok after his in-store videos went viral.

Screenshots of Woolworths TikTok video showing grocery bagging hack. Source: TikTok/@Woolworths_au.
The Woolworths TikTok shows a staffer properly bagging groceries, starting with milk and cereal at the bottom and light items on top. Source: TikTok/@Woolworths_au.

In the video, which has more than 6,000 views and 1,800 likes, Liam shares his bagging hack which involves placing heavy items at the bottom of the bag and light items on top.

“This is Liam, who packed his bag in an undesirable manner. Just look how he struggles,” explains Liam at the start of the video as he strains to carry his green bags.

“You can see the physical exhaustion. If only he knew how to hack his bagging ways,” he adds, while panting into the camera from the sheer exhaustion from his bagging blunder.

The video then shows Liam properly bagging his groceries in his empty Woolies Bag for Good, starting with milk and cereal at the bottom and light items on top.

“For bread, place light items at the bottom, like confectionery, then place bread upright and snug so you don’t have squishy sandwiches,” says the savvy staffer, while he demonstrates the technique for shoppers.

“And now, look at Liam with a diploma of bagging at Woolworths,” he says with a wink.

Woolworths customers share their own gripes

Woolworths customers flocked to the comments on TikTok to share their own bag packing gripes, with some saying they just “chuck everything on top.”

While others lamented that they felt “stupid” after seeing the Woolies’ hack, because it was so simple.

“I feel stupid when I watch these because they’re so simple,” wrote one commentator.

“This is common sense, but okay,” wrote another.

Woolworths customers places packed grocery bags into trolley at checkout. Source: Woolworths Group
Woolworths customers shared their own packing gripes in the comments on TikTok. Source: Woolworths Group

Meanwhile, other fans of the page were more excited about Liam than the hack itself.

One user wrote: “Liam, you’re doing great, sweetie.”

Woolies shares time-saving checkout hack on TikTok

Earlier this week, Woolies helped to save shoppers precious time when they shared a handy in-store checkout hack on TikTok.

The 15-second video, which has since amassed over 570,000 views, shows Woolworths superstar Liam demonstrating the grocery packing hack for customers.

“Check out faster with this hack,” the TikToker says in the video.

“Put one reusable bag down on the conveyor belt, put all the items you want in that bag on the conveyor belt and repeat the process,” says Liam.

Screenshots of Woolworths staffer Liam's checkout hack video. Source: TikTok/@Woolworths_au
The TikTok video has gained over 570,000 views and shows Woolworths superstar Liam demonstrating the grocery packing hack for customers. Source: TikTok/@Woolworths_au

The checkout hack involves separating groceries you want bagged together on the conveyor belt and placing a bag in-between.

“With heavy bulk items you can leave those in the trolley and we can scan it at the register.”

“Then scan your rewards card and you’re good to go," he adds, before doing a little victory dance.

Customers react to clever checkout hack

Hundreds of TikTok users took to the comments to applaud Woolworths for their checkout hack, with many sharing their own clever hacks.

“All my shopping problems are solved,” wrote one TikTok user.

“OMG I can’t wait to try this!” commented another.

“I put the barcode items facing the same way so it’s easier for them to pick up and scan,” said a third.

Current and former Woolies workers were also active in the comments, giving a thumbs up to the register stacking hack, as it saves time for staff, too.

“When I worked for Woolies it was a dream when people did this, it made my job easier,” said one staffer.

“I loved it when customers did that when I was at checkout,” commented another.

“For real, when customers do this it’s the best part of my day,” wrote a third.

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