Woolworths worker shares ultimate time-saving checkout hack

A new TikTok video posted by a Woolworths staffer has shared a handy in-store checkout hack.

The video, which was posted to Woolworths’ newly created TikTok account, was uploaded on Monday.

Since then, the video has gained over 443,000 views, 51,000 likes, and hundreds of comments and shares.

The 15 second video shows a Woolworths staffer standing at the checkout, as the words "Register hacks, part 1" appear on the screen.

“Check out faster with this hack,” TikToker Liam Kirley says.

The video ends with the staffer doing a quirky dance. Source: Woolworths TikTok
The video ends with the staffer doing a quirky dance. Source: Woolworths TikTok

The video continues as the Liam performs the hack with a trolley full of groceries and green reusable Woolworths bags.

“Put one reusable bag down on the conveyor belt, put all the items you want in that bag on the conveyor belt and repeat the process,” he says.

The video shows the staffer separating groceries on the belt, placing a bag between organised items.

“With heavy bulk items you can leave those in the trolley and we can scan it at the register,” he says.

“Then scan your rewards card and you’re good to go."

The Woolworths TikTok account, which already has 24,000 followers, currently has five videos in their feed, which have all been posted since the start of September.

Woolworths customers react to new checkout hack

A minority of TikTok users in the comments section have taken the opportunity to draw attention to bagging gripes they have experienced in stores.

“I do this and they still try to shove all the food into one bag,” said one customer.

“I tried that and my cashier just stacked the groceries on the side and packed them the way they liked,” wrote another.

“Doesn’t make a difference when the operator reaches over everything to put heavy items on top of light items,” commented a third.

However, many of the hundreds of TikTok users in the comments have commended the newest Woolworths hack, whilst also sharing their own little checkout hacks in the video’s comments.

“All my shopping problems are solved,” wrote one TikTok user.

“OMG I can’t wait to try this!” commented another.

“I put the barcode items facing the same way so it’s easier for them to pick up and scan,” said a third.

Woolworths staffers reveal more hacks in comments

Current and previous Woolworths staffers have been active in the video’s comments section, saying that separating groceries on the conveyor belt saves checkout operators time.

“When I worked for Woolies it was a dream when people did this, it made my job easier,” said one person.

“I loved it when customers did that when I was at checkout,” commented another.

“For real, when customers do this it’s the best part of my day,” wrote a third.

Other Woolworths staffers have also revealed their own hacks in the TikTok’s comments.

“Scan your rewards card at any time, you don’t have to wait for us to ask,” wrote one staffer.

“Please stop leaving your empty baskets on the belt,” said another.

“Please give us clean bags as well - it’s a pandemic and we don’t want to be touching dirty bags,” commented a third.

Previous hacks shared by Woolworths staffers have included baking insights, behind the scenes sales rituals, and self checkout hacks.

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