Woolworths shopper frustrated by bizarre packing fail

A Woolworths customer has hit out at the grocer online after a delivery fail meant two incompatible items were packed together.

The Queensland woman posted her gripe to Woolworths’s Facebook page over the weekend.

“Just wondering on what planet my lovely personal shopper thought it was ok to pack these two items together,” the woman wrote.

Accompanying the post is a photograph of the woman’s home delivery.

Eggs and milk in Woolworths bag. Source: Facebook
The customer received her delivery and noticed a puzzling sight in one of the bags. Source: Facebook

Inside a bag, a two litre bottle of milk was packed with a large carton of eggs, which were laying on their side.

“I’m so grateful my eggs weren’t broken,” she wrote.

The customer wrote in the post she had already requested that her bread be packed separately, but now needs to update her instructions for future deliveries.

“Now along with my ‘please don’t squish my bread’ instruction I’ll need to add ‘please pack my eggs alone’,” she wrote.

Supermarket customers are no strangers to shopping fails, with customers recently complaining about bread and chips being delivered in the same bag as bottles, and leaky milk bottles which were overstocked in store.

Comments section debates bagging gripe

The woman's post has received a mixed response in the comments section.

“Last week they packed laundry items with my milk,” commented one person.

“A few weeks back I had laundry liquid spilled all through my delivery,” the woman who wrote the post responded.

“There is a section for notes, you can request for your eggs to be packed separately,” wrote another person.

“At least you have someone to do it for you, they were probably overworked,” wrote a third person.

“They are overworked, and I do appreciate them,” the woman responded.

People with bags walking out of a Woolworths store. Source: Getty Images
People shared similar experiences in the comments section of the woman's post. Source: Getty Images

Other customers wrote that they were forced to attend the store in person after similar mishaps.

The original poster also stated that she ordered delivery as she was trying to avoid the shops.

Woolworths delivers 'thousand of online orders every day'

A spokesperson from Woolworths has advised that they have taken the customer’s feedback under advisement.

“We have a dedicated team of personal shoppers and drivers, who work hard to deliver thousands of online orders to the highest standard every day,” the spokesperson said.

“Our personal shoppers take care to ensure products are packed to avoid breakages, and we encourage customers to let us know if any products in their order don’t arrive in top condition.”

A man walks past a Woolworths sign and logo. Source: AAP
Woolworths says it delivers thousands of online orders successfully every day. Source: AAP

“While neither of these items were damaged, we appreciate this customer's feedback and have passed it on to our team,” they said.

Yahoo News Australia also understands that items of a similar nature will be picked together according to store zones, and customers are able to utilise the "notes" section when placing orders to provide with specific requests to pickers.

In-store tip to prevent bagging mishaps revealed

A person commenting on a delivery mishap post has drawn attention to a common bagging error in supermarkets.

“It’s like this on the belt at the store,” he said.

“I put things in groups to pack together and end up with milk in the cooler bag and ice cream in a regular bag.”

A helpful person replying to the comment has provided an easy solution to this common mishap.

“Try separating each batch with a shopping bag, so the checkout operator will put in that bag only the items you prepared,” they wrote.

“I do this all the time and it goes a breeze!”

“Just remember to start with a bag or cooler, then the items that go in that bag, then another bag etc,” they said.

Other Woolworths hacks have been widely shared over social media of late; including a simple payment hack to speed things up at the checkout, and a money saving hack involving specialised discount items.

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