Woolworths trolley hack shocks customer: 'Blew me away'

A Woolworths customer has shared her amazement after discovering a little-known shopping trolley hack.

Sharing her realisation on the Woolworths Facebook page, the shopper was astounded when she used the hack while at the self-serve checkout.

“Ok I know this is an old lady post but this hack about keeping your trolley out of the way at self-checkouts blew me away,” she wrote.

“Been going to Woolies for years and never saw it before! The 3/4 trolley fits over the shelf.”

Her post showed her full trolley seamlessly slot into the side of the checkout, out of the way of other customers, making it easier to pack groceries.

While the shopper was astounded by the trolley trick, others said it doesn’t always work.

A Woolworths trolley slots in near a self-service checkout. Source: Facebook.
A Woolworths shopper has shared the trolley hack that 'blew her away.' Source: Facebook.

“That only works if the store has updated the self-serves machines. Some stores still have the old machines where the trays are a little higher,” another shopper pointed out.

“Or if they are not storing bags etc. under the shelf,” said another.

Not even staff know about the hack

While the hack blew this woman away, it’s not the first time it’s been pointed out.

A TikTok user named @ebonyhit previously filmed themselves using the hack, in store.

Stunned viewers were equally as astonished with the self-serve checkout hack - even some Woolworths employees pointed out they had no idea.

A still from a TikTok about the trolley trick. Source: TikTok/@ebonyhit
A TikTok user was equally as excited to share the trolley trick. Source: TikTok/@ebonyhit

“I work at Woolies at the checkouts and I didn’t know this!” a staff member wrote.

“I’ve worked there for three years and had no idea,” another said.

Shopper reveals money-saving hack

It's not the first time a shopper has shared a little-known hack with others.

A Coles customer shared their trolley trick for keeping tabs on how much you spend in store.

Sharing her tip in a popular budgeting Facebook group, the woman said she piled grocery items into bundles to a specific money value so she could easily add it up as she went.

“To keep to my budget, at the shops I group the food into $10 (approx) piles,” she said alongside a picture of her shopping trolley.

“This was about $80.”

A Coles shopper shares a photo of her trolley. Source: Facebook
A Coles shopper has revealed a handy hack to track her spending in-store. Source: Facebook

Fellow shoppers labelled her hack 'brilliant' saying they would definitely try it.

“Great idea, I always lose track,” one person commented.

"For me, I think bags though, as my trolley can get quite full (fortnight shopper).'

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