How you can score a FREE Woolworths shop - but it's very rare

A NSW woman's well-intentioned enquiry to Woolworths after a grocery delivery mishap left her with someone else’s items has led to intrigue over what is the protocol for such a mistake.

The Marayong resident shared her plea for help on the Woolworths Facebook page on Friday.

“I’ve just opened my front door and found I have received somebody else’s food delivery,” she wrote.

The customer said she was concerned about the items inadvertently left at her door going off.

“There was a whole bunch of items that require refrigeration so I’ve put them in my fridge," she said.

She then said that she wanted to return the items to the original recipient and shared a photo of the delivery sticker for reference.

A Woolworths online delivery. Source: Facebook
The customer tried her best to track down the intended recipient of the bag. Source: Facebook

“Just wondering how I go about getting this to the person who ordered it,” she said.

“If anyone knows [recipient name] please let me know, I’d love to get your groceries to you.”

Updates to delivery drama in comments section

In the comments people quickly began debating what the woman should do with the incorrectly delivered groceries in the comments section.

“Thinking that they are yours now,” said one person.

“Woolies will just re-deliver their order,” commented another.

“They won’t pick them up due to Covid, food safety etc,” wrote a third.

Another person in the comments suggested that the woman should keep the groceries for herself.

“Cook up tonight then,” they said.

Woolworths delivery truck parked outside a building. Source: Getty Creative
Many people urged the woman to keep the groceries. Source: Getty Creative

When prompted by a person’s comment encouraging them to contact the Woolworths general help phone line, the woman provided an update on the situation.

“It said they can not do anything,” she said.

“I just wish I could get in touch with the person waiting for [the groceries] to let them know they were delivered to the wrong house.”

A TikToker was recently put in a similar situation with Woolworths, being delighted to receive free groceries when her online order was unexpectedly doubled.

The woman’s original post, which directly named the intended recipient, has since been deleted.

Woolworths policy on failed deliveries

Yahoo News Australia understands that due to health and safety and logistical reasons Woolworths does not retrieve home delivery orders that are incorrectly delivered.

Woolworths’s online assistant, "Olive", tells customers that if they receive extra items in their order, they’re allowed to keep them.

“As it’s our mistake, you’re welcome to keep, donate, or discard them, free of charge,” it says.

The customer whose items were delivered incorrectly will have the order re-sent to them or will receive a refund to rectify the error, Yahoo News Australia understands.

In response to Covid-19, the Woolworths website also indicates that all home deliveries have now become contactless.

However, their delivery terms and conditions state that customers have a choice as to whether they’d like their delivered groceries left unattended.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Woolworths for comment on this incident.

Woolworths customers are no strangers to delivery mishaps.

Recently, a customer found a used nappy in their delivery order and a customer spotted that her delivery driver was not wearing a mask.

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