Woolworths shopper stunned by $600 online delivery 'stuff up'

Online shopping mishaps usually involve items missing from an order, but one Woolworths shopper had quite the opposite happen.

Sharing the contents of her order on TikTok, the customer revealed she’d received double of everything in her online shop.

"The moment you order $300 worth of groceries and they send you everything doubled, but don’t charge,” she said on her video.

“Woolworths, you’ve stuffed up.”

Some of the items in the woman's doubled up order.
A woman was left shocked when she received double her Woolworths online order but was only charged once. Source: TikTok/ @simonetxxx

Incredibly, the woman’s video shows her kitchen bench full of items with two of absolutely everything in her huge grocery haul.

Amongst the doubled-up items were eggs, toilet paper, sausages, packets of walnuts, crumpets, ice cream, cream and halloumi cheese.

Even her fruit and vegetable purchases of apples, strawberries, bananas, watermelon and cucumbers had been doubled.

Despite the extra groceries, she did have one issue with her delivery though.

“I am disappointed that you replaced my Tasty Toobs for Burger Rings though,” she joked.

“Maybe I should ask for a refund?”

Her post has since had more than 10,000 likes from TikTok users.

Some of the items in the woman's doubled up order.
The $300 order included a range of chips, snacks, dairy items and fruit and vegetables. Source: TikTok/ @simonetxxx

Woolworths delivery fails

This isn’t the first time a Woolworths customer has received a mistake in their online order.

Since customers have started going into Covid-19 lockdowns nationwide, the store’s online ordering and delivery system have been under significant pressure.

But while some customers are receiving double their orders, others aren't receiving theirs at all.

A customer ​​from Dee Why in NSW was left shocked recently when her $370 order didn’t turn up.

The customer, who said her family had next to no food left, booked a 5pm to 8pm time slot for her groceries to be delivered.

A photo of the woman's empty fridge.
The shopper posted a picture of her empty fridge to the Woolworths Facebook page, after her online order failed to be delivered. Source: Facebook

“We are all doing the right thing during this lockdown and you have left my family with no food and taken our money,” she wrote on the supermarket’s Facebook page, alongside a photo of her nearly-empty fridge.

Explaining her online shopping ordeal, she said she had received a text message at 5.58pm advising her delivery was next in line, but an hour later nothing had been delivered.

She then waited an additional 25 minutes on the phone trying to locate her missing order with the Woolworths customer service team and was told the driver "couldn’t find parking".

She was forced to head in-store to purchase food because the next delivery time was days away.

​​A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that the store’s delivery service was in high demand, but had reconciled the order issue with the customer.

“We understand cancelled deliveries are incredibly frustrating and have worked with the customer to resolve the issue with their order,” the spokesperson said.

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