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Woolworths shopper furious over 'revolting' state of milk fridge

A Woolworths customer has lashed out at the supermarket after a "sick" find in her local store’s refrigerator.

The woman addressed a Facebook post to Woolworths yesterday, where she detailed the concerning find.

“There is no excuse for such a revolting sick refrigerator,” she said.

Accompanying her post was a 23 second video showing the state of the fridge at the Howrah store in Tasmania.

Mould and caked milk on drip tray in a milk fridge. Source: Facebook
The customer said she was concerned the state of the milk fridge would make people sick. Source: Facebook

In the video, the customer pans down the store’s milk fridge, where dried milk drops are visible on shelving.

As the customer follows the shelves down, scrunched up rubbish and old price tickets are seen sitting at the bottom of the fridge.

The fridge’s drip tray has several layers of white and yellow dried milk all over it.

To the left, a full drip tray with milk clumps is visible.

As the video ends the customer zooms in on what appears to be mould that has grown on the dried-milk drip tray.

“You rip us off with sky high pricing, we would at least like to shop in a clean shop that’s not going to send us to hospital,” the customer wrote.

Woolworths is no stranger to milk fridge issues, after a Victorian customer slammed the retailer for overstocking their fridge which consistently caused leaks in their milk cartons.

Woolworths responds to ‘disappointing’ post

A Woolworths representative has responded to the customer’s post on Facebook.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention,” the representative wrote.

“We work hard to uphold the highest standards of hygiene, and we’re disappointed to see this.”

The representative stated that the customer’s concern has now been rectified.

“We’ve passed this onto the store team, who immediately conducted a thorough clean of the area,” they said.

Mould in a Woolworths fridge. Source: Facebook
A Woolworths said they were disgusted to find mould in a milk fridge inside a Tasmanian store. Source: Facebook

At the time of publication, the customer had not responded to the representative's comment.

Woolworths’s Covid-19 response page states that the retailer is committed to cleaning to support customer health during the pandemic.

“Our efforts were focussed on our 5 pillars: PPE, Health, Hygiene, Cleaning and Social Distancing,” the website states.

Additionally, Woolworths’s Safety, Health and Wellbeing Policy teaches team members that all standards are to be enforced in store.

People shopping at a Woolworths supermarket. Source: Getty Editorial
Woolworths says they have cleaned the affected area. Source: Getty Editorial

“There will never be an acceptable reason to not comply with work safety and legal obligations or our safety and health standards, policies, procedures and processes.”

It's not the first time Woolworths has been called out over hygiene issues, after a customer spotted a huge rat running along the bread shelves at a Melbourne store.

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