Woolworths customer shocked to see huge rat running along shelf

A Woolworths shopper was left horrified when she saw what she believed to be a rat running rampant in the bread aisle of her local Melbourne store.

The shopper was doing her weekly shop at Woolworths Featherbrook in the Melbourne suburb of Point Cook when she saw the rat scurrying atop the shelves in the bread aisle – leaving droppings in its wake.

In several videos shared with Yahoo News Australia by the appalled customer on Tuesday, the rodent is seen running along the top of the supermarket shelves – seemingly unbeknownst to Woolworths staff and fellow shoppers.

A rat crawls along a supermarket shelf. Source: Supplied
A customer has captured a video of a rat crawling along Woolworths shelves. Source: Supplied

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that they have informed the Featherbrook store and have taken the necessary action to ensure it is safe and clean for shoppers.

“We work to uphold the highest standards in hygiene, so we’re disappointed to have missed the mark at our Featherbrook store on this occasion,” said the Woolworths spokesperson.

“As soon as we became aware of the issue, we conducted a thorough clean and sanitisation of the area to return it to our usual high standards.”

Meanwhile, the spokesperson said that if any customers have concerns about the bread they bought from Woolworths Featherbrook on Tuesday, they can return it to the store for a refund or a change in product.

“While we have always conducted regular pest control work in this store, we’ve requested daily visits to monitor any further pest activity in the coming weeks.”

Woolworths shopper's shocking find in grapes

A Woolworths shopper in Melbourne recently found a disturbing discovery in the grapes she purchased from her local Bentleigh store.

The customer, Emma, took to the Woolworths Facebook page to warn shoppers about the “disgusting” find in her seedless grapes, which appeared to be a tiny mouse fetus.

"Tuesday night and [I] have well and truly lost my appetite," she wrote, alongside a photo of the grapes, including the hairless mouse lying lifeless on top of a stalk.

The woman said she was unaware of the "ugly specimen" until moving the grapes to a bowl for washing and it was there that she made the sickening discovery.

Woolworths responded to the shopper’s post hours later, calling the find "concerning" and informed her that she was entitled to a refund and replacement in store if she was "unsatisfied" with the product.

Supermarket staff turn the tables on customers

It’s not just Woolworths customers who are calling out supermarkets for disturbing finds.

Woolworths staff have turned the tables to reveal some of the worst things they have found in customer’s bags brought from home, including rodents, dirty nappies, a live snake and even human waste.

The ghastly discoveries were revealed in response to a staff member who took to Facebook to pose the question: “What’s the worst thing you’ve seen in a customer’s bags [sic] when serving them?”

The man kicked things off by sharing his own experience: “A spider nest (with spiders),” he wrote.

The post quickly began to snowball with answers, which included: “Dirty nappies. Dead and alive insects. Dead and alive spiders. Dead mouse. Mouse s**t. Used needle without cap. Muddy footy boots. Used tissues,” was just one woman’s response.

Several staff also reported finding live mice, frogs, cockroaches, spiders, blood and more, inside the shoppers’ home-brought bags.

Woolworths responded to this disturbing news by confirming to Yahoo News Australia that team members can refuse the handling of "unsafe and unhygienic shopping bags".

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