Woolworths' secret testing group for customers and how to join

If you’ve never heard of Bunch, you’re not alone. The highly sought-after members-only product testing group run by Woolworths has a huge waiting list, but only a limited number get selected.

So what exactly is Bunch? It’s a private invitation-only group where members are sent free products to try, rate, and review. But the products aren’t small samples. They're the products you see on shelves at the supermarket.

You can register to become a member online and once you have been accepted you will be sent the free products -from tissues to lamb roasts - to test and share your review.

So is the hype really all it is cracked up to be? Woolworths shopper Monique from NSW who was accepted into Bunch in July 2019 says that’s a big yes!

Bunch group website page with sample Woolworths products.
The exclusive product testing group offers members a range of products to test, rate and review. But getting accepted into the group isn't easy. Source: Facebook

Shopper shares best samples Woolworths has sent

Monique says she loves the program and was surprised she was accepted in just three to four months after registering.

“The best sample I have had so far is 1kg beef brisket which was worth around $15!” she told Yahoo News Australia.

“After you receive a sample you need to log into your bunch account, it will be waiting for you to review the product you’ve been given so you rate it out of 5 stars.”

Monique says her favourite thing about being a Bunch member is that she gets to try things for free that she wouldn’t usually try.

A man walks past a Woolworths sign. Source: AAP
Shoppers are raving about an exclusive Woolworths club. Source: AAP

“It gives me the opportunity to try items I probably would have not bought in the past, and they want your honest review on the product,” she continued.

While she enjoyed the program, she said a dedicated Bunch app would be useful to members, rather than a web-based rating system.

So how does it all work?

Members log onto the Bunch website to see what sample has been allocated to them. Then it’s just a matter of picking it up in your next shop.

“I get my samples in store while doing my grocery shopping, I always check the Bunch website to make sure I’m picking up the correct item,” Monique says.

Woolworths bunch sample products
The samples given to Woolworths Bunch members are full-sized portions giving them the opportunity to test them and review for other customers. Source: Bunch

Then, once you’ve cooked it or used it you log back on to leave a review, discuss the product with others or write an article about how you used it.

“You just give a brief reason as to why you’ve given it that rating, you can also upload a photo of your product too,” Monique said.

Being part of the program is completely free including membership and all samples.

The secret to getting selected

The Bunch program sounds pretty simple. Register our interest and wait to be contacted with your first lot of free goodies.

But this community isn’t exactly easy to get into. Some members say it took them more than two years to get approved, while others say it’s been well over two years and they are still waiting.

In a recent Facebook post on a Woolworths Rewards Enthusiast, page one member said she was ecstatic to finally be an approved member.

“Finally got excepted into Bunch today after being in the waitlist for like 2-3years. My first product is tissues,” she said.

“Same! Although I think I was on the list for longer and same product too,” another Bunch member said.

“I had the same. After that I had 4 offers in 2 weeks,” another member confirmed.

But others said they had registered their interest some time ago and were still waiting.

“I only recently got accepted. Honestly can't remember how many years ago I applied,” one person said.

“I’ve been waiting about 3 years,” said another.

People shop at a Woolworths supermarket in Sydney.
Become part of the exclusive group isn't easy, but there are certain criteria a shopper needs to meet for the retailer to offer a membership. Source: Getty

Becoming a Bunch member might be tough, but there are some key reasons why members are invited and it has nothing to do with how much money you spend.

“If you have received an invitation to join Bunch, it’s because we value your opinion,” it says on the Bunch website.

“All customers who are invited to join bunch are carefully selected by a number of factors, such as their shopping behaviour, life stage, location and spend in-store.

“If you have registered your interest to join Bunch, you will be added to the bunch waitlist. We will email you when future membership places become available.”

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