Woolworths customer calls out driver for breaking vital Covid rule

A Woolworths customer has criticised the supermarket for not enforcing mask-wearing for all of its delivery drivers during Sydney's ongoing Covid outbreak.

The Bankstown shopper, who did not want to be identified, was shocked when his groceries were hand-delivered to his door on Sunday by a Woolworths driver who was not wearing a face mask.

“With this virus being airborne it’s really dangerous. He’s half a metre from your face at the door. The door was closed, but that’s not going to stop Covid,” he said.

Woolworths staff members load truck with online orders. Source: Woolworths
Woolworths staff in Greater Sydney are required to wear masks when working by law as Covid-19 numbers surge. Source: Woolworths

The customer explained that he thought one of two things when he noticed the delivery driver failing to wear a face mask: "one, that it was not good management practice on behalf of Woolworths and two, the driver was possibly ignoring directives from his company".

The shopper added that he doesn’t believe that it wasn't “100 percent” the driver’s fault, saying that the driver was a “nice guy” and he understood it was a frantic time for Woolworths.

“Woolworths are inundated, they’re trying to do the right thing,” he said.

Woolworths shoppers at a store. Source: Getty Images
Woolworths has been criticised for not enforcing mask rules. Source: Getty Images

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that the supermarket has been working closely with their delivery partners on “shared COVIDSafe plans throughout the pandemic.”

“All delivery drivers operating in NSW must wear face masks when fulfilling orders to customers, both at the store and drop off location,” said the spokesperson.

“Our delivery partners have also promoted appropriate social distancing and hygiene protocols to all drivers.”

Woolworths reveals how shoppers can avoid breaking Covid rule

Woolworths has unveiled a list of tips to help Sydney shoppers cut down time spent “browsing” in Sydney stores.

Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director Natalie Davis said that the supermarket has a range of digital planning tools and online shopping services” which can help Sydneysiders to reduce their time in-store.

A man loading Woolworths groceries into his boot. Source: Woolworths
Shoppers can now order direct-to-boot pick up as part of Woolworths' latest contactless delivery service. Source: Woolworths

The "digital tools" Ms Davis is referring to can be online at the Woolworths website and on their app. The tools allow shoppers to build a digital list and find products, avoid queuing and busy periods, order direct-to-boot pick up and schedule home delivery.

Woolworths shopper slams 'disgraceful' $370 Covid delivery fail

A Woolworths shopper has called the supermarket’s online ordering system “absolutely disgraceful” after her $370 order failed to be delivered without explanation.

The customer, from Dee Why in NSW, said she placed a large order to avoid going to the shops during the Sydney lockdown, but was shocked when it didn’t show up in the booked time slot.

Open fridge with no food inside.
The shopper posted a picture of her near-empty fridge to the Woolworths Facebook page, after her online order didn't turn up. Source: Facebook.

“We are all doing the right thing during this lockdown and you have left my family with no food and taken our money,” she wrote on the Woolworths Facebook page, alongside a photo of her near-empty fridge.

After waiting 25 minutes on the phone to Woolworths' customer service to locate her order, she was told it wasn’t delivered because the driver “couldn’t find parking”.

She said that they “were home with all lights on,” so the driver could have pulled into her driveway and knocked on the door, but instead, chose to drive off without even attempting delivery.

A Woolworths spokesperson responded by telling Yahoo News Australia that the supermarket made every effort to reconcile the issue for the family and provided them with a gift card and waived the delivery fee for their next order.

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