Man's 'horrendous situation' while eating Woolworths-bought gravy

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A man almost swallowed a nail which was submerged in Kraft Heinz-brand gravy he had recently purchased from Woolworths.

The man explained on the Woolworths Facebook page he had already reported the incident to Kraft Heinz, but decided to reach out the the supermarket giant due to the "seriousness" of the incident.

"Yesterday I decided to try the new ‘Bare Bones’ gravy with black garlic, to accompany my Woolies pepper steak, pre-packed roasted vegetables and Parmesan roasted potatoes," he said on Facebook.

"Mid-way through the meal, I experienced a horrendous situation, in which I almost swallowed a nail that was concealed within the gravy."

A Woolworths customer found a nail in his Bare Bones gravy. Source: AAP/Facebook
A Woolworths customer found a nail in his Bare Bones gravy. Source: AAP/Facebook

The man also shared photos of the nail and his meal, saying he held on to the nail in case Woolworths or Kraft Heinz needed it for the investigation.

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, a Woolworths spokesperson said the company was aware of the customer's report and is engaged with the supplier to review the complaint.

"We encourage the customer to return the product to their local store for a full refund," the spokesperson said.

A statement from Kraft Heinz to Yahoo News Australia said the company takes complaints like this one "very seriously" and an investigation will be launched.

“We are sorry about the experience the consumer has had here," the statement said.

"This product passes through multiple filters and an x-ray machine capable of detecting metal, so the likelihood of a nail being present as a result of the manufacturing process is extremely remote. 

"We have noted that other pre-packaged products were consumed as part of the meal."

Kraft Heinz said the company will conduct an investigation. Source: Facebook
Kraft Heinz said the company will conduct an investigation. Source: Facebook

The statement also said Kraft Heinz would be asking the customer to return the product and the nail so the appropriate tests could ben undertaken.

"The review process should be able to identify what has occurred in this situation,” Kraft Heinz said.

Despite finding a nail in his food, the Woolworths customer did indicate he would be happy to purchase the Bare Bones gravy again.

"The gravy actually tasted really good and I’d probably purchase it again… without added nails, however!" he wrote.

Investigation finds nail was not from gravy

Kraft Heinz followed through with the investigation and found the nail the man found in his food was not from the gravy.

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, Kraft Heinz revealed the metal item found in the gravy was not a nail, but a rivet from the metal tongs he used to serve the meal.

So, the metal item was not from the Bare Bones gravy as the customer initially thought.

"Kraft Heinz wishes to thank the customer for his cooperation in this matter and has provided him with a new packet of Bare Bones gravy, as he indicated that he had very much enjoyed this product," the statement from. Kraft Heinz said.

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