Woolworths shopper flags simple but handy checkout hack

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A Woolworths shopper has shared a simple yet nifty hack for people to try next time they are at the checkout.

As the saying goes, “the simplest solution is always the best” and the same is true for this smartphone hack, which was posted to TikTok yesterday.

In the TikTok, posted by @pnuks, the shopper revealed that you can use the front screen of your mobile phone to make contactless payments if you’re having trouble scanning the back.

“If you have a smartphone and use PayPass, or just put your credit card in and pay with your phone, and have a thick case, just flip it upside down and pay with your front screen,” said the TikToker in his video.

Woolworths shopper shares smartphone checkout hack. Source: TikTok/@pnuks
A Woolworths shopper shares a simple smartphone checkout hack on TikTok. Source: TikTok/@pnuks

The handy video shows the shopper flipping his phone over to use the front screen to successfully scan his ANZ card in store.

“I know that’s dumb. I know it sounds that easy, but some people just don’t know,” said the humble shopper.

But, not everyone thought this checkout hack was “dumb”, as 612 users liked the post, while others flocked to the comments to share their thoughts.

“I didn’t know this,” wrote one impressed commentator.

“OMG I literally had that problem today,” said another shopper who understood his plight.

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Woolworths staffers warn customers against checkout hack

TikTok has become somewhat of a hub for shoppers to share their handy life hacks and cost-saving tricks.

In a viral TikTok, posted by @cassandrashayla, the customer shows fellow shoppers how to lift up the coin slot flap on self-service checkout machines at Woolies.

“Oi Aussies, did you know that at Woolworths you can pull this up to insert your coins when you have too many?” she wrote in the video.

The video has since gone viral, with more than 760,000 views, 22,000 likes and 592 shares.

Woolworths shoppers reveals coin slot checkout hack
Woolworths staffers warn customers against TikTok checkout hack. Source: TikTok/@cassandrashayla

But Woolworths staff are having none of it and are taking to TikTok to nip the trend in the bud.

“Please don’t do that, it jams the machines and then we gotta fix it," wrote one Woolworths worker.

“As a Woolies worker – you’ll just break the machine and not get your change," wrote another.

“Please don’t, I work at Woolies and you will be held up by like 20 minutes so we can unjam the machine”, a third chimed.

Aldi customer blasted for sharing ‘selfish’ register hack

In the age of Amazon Prime, self-checkouts and speedy service, it’s not often you hear about customers who want to actively seek to slow down the supermarket checkout process.

However, for one Aldi shopper, this is exactly what they are doing with their “genius” register hack.

The shopping hack involves spreading groceries with a 30cm gap between them across the conveyor belt. The aim is to give shoppers more time to pack their groceries on the other end of the register.

"Just so we have time to pack," the shopper wrote of their cash register trick, which was shared alongside a photo demonstrating the hack.

The register hack, which was shared across Aldi fan Facebook pages, has sparked heated debate between hundreds of shoppers who praise the hack as “genius” and others who deem it “selfish” and “inconsiderate.”

A former Aldi employee echoed the latter sentiment when they advised shoppers against it, saying that cashiers will simply move the conveyor belt – so all your effort will be for nothing.

“When I worked at Aldi and people did this, I would hold the first item back from the sensor with my arm until everything piled up,” said the former employee.

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