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'Don't do it': Woolworths staffers issue plea over self-serve checkout 'hack'

Woolworths employees have taken to TikTok to warn against using a viral self-service checkout hack.

TikTok has become a hub for everyday people to share little-known cost saving tricks and life hacks that make grocery shopping easier.

But Woolworths employees are warning the latest hack circulating online will "break the machines" in their stores. The eight-second video was uploaded to TikTok on June 1.

In the video, TikTok user @cassandrashayla shows herself lifting the coin slot flap on a self-serve checkout machine at Woolworths.

The coin deposit at a Woolworths self-serve checkout.
A woman says she discovered an easy method of depositing her coins into a Woolworths checkout, but has since copped criticism. Source: TikTok/@casandrashayla

“Oi Aussies, did you know that at Woolworths you can pull this up to insert your coins when you have too many?” she wrote in the video.

The video has now gone viral with more than 760,000 views, 22,000 likes and 592 shares at the time of publication.

Woolworths staffers weigh in on life hack

Woolworths employees have pleaded with viewers to avoid using the hack.

“Please don’t do that, it jams the machines and then we gotta fix it," one TikTok user wrote.

“As a Woolies worker – you’ll just break the machine and not get your change," another said.

“Please don’t, I work at Woolies and you will be held up by like 20 minutes so we can unjam the machine”, a third added.

A spokesperson for Woolworths has told Yahoo News Australia "the coin deposit sections on our self-serve checkouts aren't intended for use by our customers".

“We don't recommend customers insert coins by lifting the cap as it can risk jamming the machines if too many coins are inserted at a time,” the spokesperson said.

Many of the 290 commenters are also drawing on their personal experiences with the hack, urging others to avoid it.

“Can confirm it just jams the machine and doesn’t always count the correct money amount when inserted that way” one Tik Tok user said.

“That’s for loading coins into the machine when it’s running low. Not for your $20 in change.” another wrote.

Woolworths coin hack TikToker hits back in follow-up video

In a follow-up video, posted on June 11, the TikToker responsible for the Woolworths coin hack has hit back at those commenting and defended her original video.

The video, which has the same thumbnail as the original hack, shows the TikToker speaking directly to the camera.

Woolworths store front. Source: Getty Images
Woolworths staffers have begged shopper not to use the hack. Source: Getty Images (AFP via Getty Images)

The video starts with the woman saying “for the people who keep saying ‘don’t do that’”.

The TikToker alleges claims of jamming are caused by individuals rather than the hack.

"You are doing it yourself," she claims.

"I had a Woolworths worker tell me that night that there’s a green light on the coin slot that goes out when you need to stop."

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