Woolworths customer shares how staffer went 'above and beyond'

A woman has taken to social media to thank the team at a South Australian Woolworths for their "above and beyond" service.

The post, which appeared on the Woolworths Facebook page on Friday, says that a Parabanks store team member went out of their way to rectify a delivery issue.

“I received my online delivery tonight and a heap was missing,” the woman wrote.

“I rang them and explained that I couldn’t get out to pick the rest up.”

The Adelaide resident said she was staying home amidst South Australia’s Covid-19 lockdowns and a recent Covid-19 test.

“I am unwell and have been tested today, I have to self-isolate until the results are in,” she told the Parabanks team member.

Woolworths customer looking pleased (left) bouquet of flowers (right).
A Woolworths customer from South Australia has shared her heartwarming experience with a staffer. Source: Facebook

While Woolworths has been called out online for their response to Covid-19 restrictions recently, with a Sydney customer blasting a Woolworths delivery driver for not wearing a mask during their grocery drop-off, and a Brisbane customer slamming their local store for charging $63.25 for a 50 pack of face masks.

But the way the Parabanks team member handled the woman’s situation has exceeded expectations.

“The guy on the phone drove to my house and delivered the missing items in person, along with flowers and chocolates,” the woman wrote.

A US man has revealed that he was shocked to find that grocery stores can be found inside shopping malls. Source: Getty Images
A US man has revealed that he was shocked to find that grocery stores can be found inside shopping malls. Source: Getty Images

Woolworths’s Delivery Terms and Conditions state that customers will be provided a refund in the event of a missing delivery item that is not out of stock.

“If there are items missing from your delivery or collection, then you should check the receipt to determine if the missing product is out of stock.

"If so, then we will provide you with a refund for the products that were not supplied,” the policy says.

Woman thrilled by 'amazing customer service'

The woman was appreciative of the team member’s unexpected response to the situation.

“Amazing customer service, above and beyond, thanks so much,” she said.

Accompanying the woman’s post is a photograph with overlaid text.

The photograph shows a bunch of red and pink roses and a box of Favourites chocolates.

“Flowers and chocolate from the Woolworths employee who dropped my groceries off after they forgot some bags,” the overlaid text says.

In a comment posted on Wednesday, the woman shared a photo of the roses arranged in a vase.

'Amazing’: Woolworths reacts to team member’s generous act

Woolworths has publicly responded to the customer's praise on Facebook.

“It’s amazing to see that a team member delivered the missing items in your delivery order, along with some chocolates and flowers,” the retailer wrote.

“We understand how much this means to you, especially because you’re self isolating and you were relying on the order.”

Woolworths said they appreciated the woman’s feedback, and promised to share her post with the store’s manager.

“We’re so pleased to see the team member went above and beyond to help out and we appreciate you sharing this with us,” they wrote.

“We’re looking to share your feedback with our Parabanks Store Manager ASAP.”

Another customer shared a heartwarming in-store experience on Woolworths’s Facebook page last week, thanking the team at Townsville Woolworths for their touching response to a medical emergency.

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