Woolworths employee's TikTok reveals frustrating customer habit

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A Woolworths employee has revealed something very frustrating customers do, which makes for quite a "boring" task while on shift.

"Tell me you work at Woolies without telling me you work at Woolies," the caption on @rachelkarlenemoor's TikTok reads.

In the video she is seen putting back Woolworths-brand waffle cones on the supermarket's shelves, after customers decided they do not want them.

Rachel explained she usually works the nightfill shift and putting away items customers don't want isn't part of her job description, but late-night staff will do it if there is time to do so.

Screenshots from TikTok show a trolley full of items which employees have to put back.
A Woolworths employee has revealed a 'boring' task employees have to do. Source: TikTok/rachelkarlenemoor

She said usually, this job is for people working at the checkouts.

Someone said it was "legit the worst job to do" in the comments.

"I just find it boring walking around putting stuff back on shelves," they said in the comments, but Rachel disagreed.

"Wouldn't say it's the worst job but definitely would make it easier if people knew how to put s**t back or don't grab it if they don't actually want," she said.

Woolworths employee says it 'took hours' to return items

While it may not be the worst job, one person did insinuate it is a time consuming task.

"I spend an hour in each isle trying to figure out where everything goes," they said.

However, many people enjoyed putting the "loose" items back in their place, for some it was a good way to get away from the checkouts.

Pictured is a Woolworths supermarket in Sydney, 2015
Some supermarket staff admitted they enjoyed putting loose items back on the floor, others didn't. Source: Bloomberg via Getty Images

Someone said the task was like being "on a mission" and customers won't really bother you while doing it.

"That literally used to be my favourite job to do," someone said.

"Especially when I was meant to be in checkouts."

For one person, the TikTok video explained why they sometimes saw random trolleys filled with an assortment of items throughout the store.

"Omg that's what those random trolleys around the shops used to be?" someone said in the comments.

"I thought they were the works shopping or something."

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