Woolworths shopper shares little-known self-serve checkout hack

A Woolworths customer has discovered a little-known coin hack that will change the way you use the self-serve checkout.

While most shoppers use the coin slot on self-serve checkouts by annoyingly individually inserting one coin at a time, this shopper has found a way around it.

TikTok user @casandrashayla recently posted a video demonstrating how you can insert coins much faster by lifting a secret section on the coin slot.

A woman using a Woolworths checkout. Source: TikTok/@casandrashayla
A woman has discovered an easy method of depositing her coins into a Woolworths checkout when paying for her groceries. Source: TikTok/@casandrashayla

The section flips up the coin slot revealing a chute that allows multiple coins to be added at once.

“Oi Aussies, did you know that at Woolworths you can pull this up to insert your coins when you have too many?” she said in her video.

Fellow shoppers were shocked by the video demonstrating the self-serve feature, labelling it a very "handy" hack.

“I never knew that!” one person said.

“I didn’t know this and I work there,” another person wrote.

“Yes! This is so handy,” commented a third.

Woolworths employees advise against it

But while the video, which has been viewed more than 330,000 times, seems convenient to some shoppers, others advised against it.

One person said they’d tried it but had been asked by staff not to do it as it jams the machine.

Former Woolies employees also joined in on the comments advising customers against it.

“Yep and then at the end of the night it all becomes jammed and we have to fix it all. Former Woolies employees here, please don’t do it,” one person commented.

“You can do this anywhere but don’t because the coin recycler jams and then the workers have to pull out all the coins.”

Woolworths shopper walking out of the store.
Woolworths shopper has shared a time-saving hack. Source: Getty Images

But TikTok user @casandrashayla said there’s a hack to getting that right too.

“It’s just advised that once the green light goes off you stop inserting coins until the light comes on again,” she responded to some comments.

She added: “There was a chick at the self-checkout tonight when I took this video and she said the green light goes out when it’s full (of coins).”

Others also shared they’d tried the hack at Coles and Kmart self-serve registers and it worked.

“I did it at Kmart yesterday morning, it works,” one savvy shopper said.

More TikTok Woolies hacks a hit

This isn’t the first TikTok hack to gain a huge following. Another TikTok user recently shared his sneaky hack for getting a trolley without using a coin or trolley key.

He shared a video of himself inserting the top of a silver key into the coin slot of a shopping trolley, releasing the chained-up trolley.

"Got no money? That's OK. Take your key, insert your key, pull [the chain] out, pull your key out, and you have a trolley," he told viewers.

His video was viewed more than 13,000 times in one day and received 385 likes.

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