Woolworths shopper almost feeds toddler stone hidden amongst peas

A Woolworths shopper has claimed he almost fed his toddler a rock that was disguised among a can of the supermarket's brand of garden peas.

The Melbourne customer shared an image of the sizeable stone online on Friday after almost feeding it to his two-year-old daughter.

He purchased the product from Woolworths inside the North Blackburn Shopping Centre earlier that day and spotted the rock moments before offering it to his child.

Entrance to a Woolworths store.
The canned peas were purchased from the Blackburn North store on Friday. Source: Getty

"I found a stone in these garden peas that I almost fed to my two-year-old! Can you make sure others don’t miss this and a kid chokes?" he wrote to Woolworths.

An employee of the supermarket responded saying they were "sorry to hear that a foreign object was found in the tin of garden peas you purchased from us".

They added it was "understandable" that he was concerned about almost feeding his daughter a rock.

The shopper then provided some additional information including the batch number, date of purchase, place of purchase and then best before date at the request of the employee.

Can of Woolworths brand garden peas next to a small rock.
The dad said he almost fed this stone to his two-year-old daughter. Source: Twitter

He was offered an apology and a refund or replacement on the product if he took the can or his receipt with him on his next trip to Woolworths.

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the store's supply partner had been informed of the issue.

The complaint, according to the spokesperson, had been "resolved" with the customer.

As far as the supermarket was aware, the issue was isolated.

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