French motorist busted racking up 240 demerit points on Aussie roads in just months

The scooter rider was pulled over by highway patrol three times in a fortnight. Police could not believed what they found out.

Scooter rider pulled over by police on Lane Cove Road, Macquarie Park Sydney.
The scooter rider was caught breaking a string of offences on Aussie roads. Source: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force

A man has been busted three times in a fortnight breaking a string of road offences, leading to revelations he has been continually penalised all year, accumulating an incredible 240 demerit points.

The man, a French native, was stopped riding a scooter on April 13 by highway patrol after conducting an illegal U-turn at a busy intersection in Sydney, police said. However, authorities quickly discovered a series of issues that followed.

After presenting a French driver's licence, which is valid on Aussie roads, officers discovered the rider was the holder of a New South Wales C class unrestricted driver's licence making his international licence invalid.

In most Aussie states and territories, tourists or temporary overseas visitors can drive using an overseas licence for up to six months. However, one condition is not to have been disqualified from driving in NSW or anywhere else.

Police learned the driver's local licence is currently suspended due to unpaid fines. What's more, he's not licensed to ride a scooter on NSW roads, which requires a specific class R licence. The C class allows drivers to operate vehicles including cars, utes and vans.

"Checks also revealed that at this stage the rider had accumulated 134 demerit points in total since January 2024 when he obtained his New South Wales driver's licence," Traffic and Highway Patrol Commands shared on Facebook this week. But that's not where the trouble ended.

Car driving north along Lane Cove Road, Sydney.
The scooter rider was pulled over on Lane Cove Road in Macquarie Park last month, before being caught two more times over the next fortnight. Source: Google Images

The next day, the scooter rider was pulled over for a random breath test and, like the day before, presented his French licence. Police, again, discovered his licence restrictions. Almost two weeks later he was once again pulled over for breath testing and, again, the same scenario unfolded.

"Police have applied for, and since received, a copy of the rider's complete traffic record from Transport NSW," they revealed. "This record shows that, to date, the rider has accumulated a total of 240 demerit points since January 2024".

In NSW, a driver can receive 13 demerit points before your licence can be suspended.

The man has been issued a court attendance notice for the offence of 'Unlicensed for Class — Class C/R/LR/MR' in addition to traffic infringement notices.

Commenting on the post, Aussies were bewildered with one saying, "obviously didn't learn his lesson the first time".

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