Driver fined $387 and cops 10 demerit points for 'handling wallet' while driving

Husni Tarmizi was confused by the fine as his dad isn't often on his phone.

The image of the man driving shows he is holding something in each hand while holding the steering wheel.
A Sydney man claims he was wrongfully fined $387 and 10 demerit points by a mobile phone detection camera. Source: Supplied

A man collapsed after learning he had been fined $387 and received 10 demerit points for using his mobile phone while driving, something he claims he was wrongfully accused of, leaving his son to desperately pull him from the floor.

Sydney man Husni Tarmizi opened the infringement notice with his 62-year-old dad on Tuesday and admitted he was both "surprised" and "panicked" by the fine, explaining his dad is "old school" and is barely on his phone at the best of times. On closer inspection of the image attached to the penalty notice, he claims the mobile phone detection camera had made an error.

"I went to the computer and downloaded the image and I could see clearly that it's a wallet [in his hand], you can see his phone is in the cradle," he told Yahoo News. "In his left hand you can see the wallet and his right hand he's holding a $50 bill."

The same image of the driver as above but the phone is circled, where it sits in its cradle, and the $50 note in his hand and the wallet in the other are also highlighted.
Husni Tarmizi believes his dad had his wallet in his left hand and a $50 note in his right, with his phone inside its cradle. Source: Supplied

"He was quite panicked, especially with the 10 demerit points... and I was scared a bit because he has a heart condition." In New South Wales, a driver can receive 13 demerit points before your licence can be suspended, leaving the man dangerously close.

His father confirmed he remembers filling his car with petrol around the corner from his home in Bankstown on the day, which happened to be Easter Monday and incurred extra demerit points.

Tarmizi confirmed he has already appealed the infringement and is awaiting a response after people urged him to dispute it.

"I've also written an appeal, it's called a review request, we'll see how that goes," he said.

"For the older generation where they don't understand the technologies and stuff, it's scary."

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