Woolworths customers unleash on store over squashed item gripe

A frustrated Woolworths customer has blasted the grocer on social media after their complaint about squashed groceries was not rectified in store.

The customer’s post appeared on Woolworths’s Facebook page on Monday morning explaining the issue.

“We are totally fed up with our local store not passing on our complaint to the people who stock the fridge with milk,” the customer wrote.

Accompanying the post is a photograph of a one litre carton of Zymil lactose free milk which is leaking from the bottom.

A leaking carton of Zymil brand milk. Source: Facebook
The customer said he was disappointed by the condition of his Zymil milk carton. Source: Facebook

“They squash the last litre into the rack, squashing all of the ones already there and the result is leaking out of the bottom corners of the pack,” they wrote.

“If you don’t notice it in time, you finish with leaked milk on the racks and kitchen floor when you open the door.”

The customer indicated that this has been a recurring issue in their local store near Ballarat in Victoria.

“This has happened three or four times so far over the last few months,” they said.

“I’m sure I’m not the only person with this gripe.”

Woolworths' rival Coles has recently been slammed for a similar issue, after customers reported receiving squashed bread in online deliveries.

‘Squashed’ groceries cause a stir with commenters

Another Woolworths shopper weighed in on the customer's post.

“It happens on a regular basis at my local store too,” said one commenter.

“Many packages look damaged, as in being squished or dropped, a lot of canned veggies are placed on the shelves with evident dents.”

“If it were only a one-time thing you would think it was an accident, but I see packages like that every time I shop,” the commenter said.

A customer walks out of a Woolworths store. Source: Reuters
Other commenters on the post said they had similar experience with their groceries. Source: Reuters

Another person made a comment questioning the retailer’s milk storage policy.

“My local Woolies stocks Zymil that is due to expire in 2 to 5 days, how long is it stored out back?” they wrote.

“Other milk brands have expiry dates two to three weeks away.”

This is not the first time Woolworths has been called out over their food standards and use-by dates.

One customer slammed the grocer for sending them unusable aged produce in their home delivery order, whilst another customer was disappointed to be sent packaged salads with a same day use-by date.

Woolworths ‘review’ customer’s post

A Woolworths representative left two comments on the customer’s post about their recurring leaky milk problem, apologising for the issue, and stating that they will be communicating with the store’s manager.

“We’re sorry to hear that the milk you’re purchasing is consistently squashed,” they said.

“We’ll be sharing this with the store’s management team for their review.”

Woolworths's Return Policy states that faulty items are able to be refunded, exchanged and/or repaired with proof of purchase.

“If the product you buy from Woolworths is faulty then we will cheerfully refund the purchase price, exchange or repair the product,” the policy says.

The policy also states that customers must bring products into any Woolworths store in order to claim under the return policy.

“Any cost incurred by you in bringing the item to the service desk will be borne by you,” the policy says.

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Woolworths for clarification on the grocer’s shelf restocking processes, asking if there are guidelines in place to ensure that items aren’t overstocked, dented or otherwise damaged.

Woolworths did not provide a statement on these questions.

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