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'Waste of money': Woolworths shoppers furious over 'annoying' delivery issue

One of the main reasons customers purchase groceries online is convenience.

However, a copious amount of Woolworths online shoppers have recently shared that their experience has been anything but.

In some cases, it has even inconvenienced customers further. Some customers have shared their frustrations saying the products they received were of such a poor standard, they were forced to re-do their shop in-store to replace the goods.

A Woolworths customer has complained about repeated issues with her home delivered groceries. Source: Facebook
A Woolworths customer has complained about repeated issues with her home delivered groceries. Source: Facebook

Taking to the Woolworths Facebook page, one customer shared her experience saying she received “poor quality produce” in her home delivery order.

“I used to love the convenience of online shopping but with the poor quality of produce I continue to receive I’ve had to go shopping right after the deliveries anyway,” the customer wrote.

“What’s worse is the way Woolworths have handled this, instead of addressing the issue of quality with the store, they continue to supply rotten produce and are not refunding my money or honouring the refund and replace freshness guarantee.”

“I feel sorry for our vulnerable members of the community who are receiving disgusting food like this and unable to go to the shops to replace it. Just because someone is not able to select the items themselves does not mean they should be sold garbage.”

Mouldy raspberries and wilted lettuce bought from Woolworths. Source: Facebook
One Woolworths shopper said that just because she couldn't choose the products herself doesn't mean she should be 'sold garbage'. Source: Facebook

Another customer also reached out to the supermarket giant saying she does a weekly online shop due to the convenience of living far from a store but says the service is “getting worse”.

“It's like every delivery something is missing and not out of stock, just not included,” she said.

“This is super annoying. 1 dozen eggs, and 5 have been broken in transit, cracked and spilled out.

“You need to be more careful or have a better way of delivering eggs. What a waste of my money!”

Broken eggs in carton from Woolworths.
A Woolies online shopper said she was annoyed to receive broken eggs in her order. Source: Facebook

She went on to say that while she online shopped for the convenience it offered, she was now left with less eggs than expected.

“Not only a waste of money, there's also the inconvenience of being left with less eggs than expected (what if you'd planned to cook a frittata or another recipe requiring more than 7 eggs?” she said.

“Not to mention the potentially spoiled products that were in contact with the spilled eggs.”

Customers report no stock and orders not being delivered

Other shoppers had also reached out to the supermarket via their Facebook page saying everyday items were out of stock every time they ordered and others saying their order hadn’t shown up at all.

“I get my shopping delivered usually fortnightly. Yet almost every order has an item or more 'unavailable',” one shopper said.

“I get if its a special like the plastic food containers, but margarine? Frozen vegetables? You have no butter or frozen vegetables at all? That's ridiculous.”

Woolworths shopping carts.
Customers have also said that many everyday items don't seem to be available online. Source: AAP

Woolworths responds to poor delivery service

A Woolworths spokesperson said while they tried to get each order correct, this sometimes wasn't the case.

“Naturally, for an operation of our size and scale, we won’t always get every order 100 per cent right every time – even though we try very hard to do so,” a Woolworths spokesperson said.

“We appreciate this can be frustrating for our customers and we’re always happy to make it right when we miss the mark.”

Each Woolworths customer complaint is handled directly with the shopper, in line with the supermarket giant's fresh or free guarantee.

Under this guarantee, Woolworths states they will both refund and replace fresh food items that customers aren’t happy with, whether they are purchased online or in-store.

Customers walk by a Woolworths store front.
A Woolworths spokesperson said that the supermarket giant always strives to make sure online orders are correct. Source: Getty Images

This includes any unpackaged products from their fresh departments as well as packaged items that contain the Fresh or Free symbol.

The supermarket spokesperson went on to say they have a team focused on assisting with customers’ online shopping.

“We have a dedicated team of personal shoppers and drivers, who work hard to deliver thousands of online orders on-time and to the highest standard every day,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s one of the key reasons more customers trust Woolworths with their grocery delivery than any other brand in Australia.”

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