RAM driver's 'passive aggressive' note to motorist parked outside home

The driver admits it was a 'tight' park but found the note from the RAM ute owner laughable.

The red Nissan is parked close to the edge of the driveway with a black RAM car parked behind a gate in the driveway.
The driver parked his car close to the edge of the Melbourne resident's driveway but didn't block the path of the RAM ute. Source: Reddit

Returning to your parked car to find a note tucked under the windscreen wiper isn't usually a good sign, and for one Nissan driver the small, handwritten message he spotted on Wednesday definitely packed a "passive aggressive" punch.

The motorist had parked on a residential street in Melbourne near the edge of a resident's driveway, which clearly irked the local. While the driver was away from his car, the resident wrote out a short message and left it on the windscreen.

The note read, "May as well park in my driveway next time buddy."

The driver holds up the note which was left on their car which reads, 'May as well park in my driveway next time buddy...'.
The driver returned to find this handwritten note left on his Nissan. Source: Reddit

The driver claims on his return a woman was standing in the yard of the house with her dog beside a large RAM ute, which was parked in the driveway behind a gate. The Nissan owner allegedly even said hello to her pet while the woman "didn't say anything".

The driver admitted it would be a "tight" angle for the resident to drive out of her driveway due to his parked car but believes it was doable and in the best interest of others, given the limited parking on the residential street.

"When I got the note, I was confused, because sometimes I do hug driveways to leave space for others, but I thought I'd parked fine... I admit it's tight... I got out and saw where the driveway was and laughed, " the driver said.

After the driver shared an image of his park online many were quick to share their opinion, with some jokingly saying he should take the woman up on her offer and next time park on her driveway as she suggested.

However others were frustrated by the resident kicking up a fuss about the park, given the car wasn't blocking the driveway.

"Complaining about legal parking is becoming more common nowadays," one Aussie said. "Seems ironic that the RAM driver would be complaining about someone taking up too much space," another wrote.

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