Neighbour's 'threatening' note to Aussie driver sparks debate

The woman said she didn't think anyone would mind her parking her car overnight on the quite street.

An Aussie driver who came out to their car in the morning to find a note from an annoyed neighbour sticky-taped to her front window has sparked a lively discussion about whether it was a “threat or friendly warning”.

The woman posted a photo of the handwritten note online over the weekend after becoming worried she would receive a parking fine.

“Neighbourhood watch,” it is titled. “Please be mindful that you have parked in a four-hour only zone. The area is regularly policed due to airport security and you are likely to receive an infringement notice. Details have been recorded of your vehicle.”

The note written to the driver about their parking job.
The Gold Coast driver said she found the note on her car after parking in a four-hour spot overnight. Source: Reddit

The driver explained in the Reddit post that she had parked in a four-hour zone near her home on the Gold Coast overnight, admitting they were “in the wrong” but “didn’t know anyone cared that much when the street is so empty anyway”.

“In a quiet residential street, but there are so many houses putting bollards out front so you can’t park there,” the Queensland resident said. “What are the chances I have obtained a fine?”

Note sparks big reaction from Aussies

Hundreds of Aussies chimed in with their two cents, many of which said the note’s “miserable” author needed to mind their own business and was just having a go. “More like neighbourhood bitch,” one person joked.

However, others appeared divided over the realistic risk of a hefty parking fine.

“It’s a friendly warning from a busy body with nothing else to do. Probably accurate though, if it’s near an airport,” someone said.

“Yep. My mate got a council parking fine due to his neighbour sending the council a picture and details of him parking somewhere he shouldn’t,” another added. “Well the note does not ask or require you to do anything. You either have a fine or you don't. If so, you will receive a fine notice. If that happens, deal with it,” a third said.

When asked about what the driver meant when they said residents had been “putting bollards out front”, she explained they were “bright orange sticks with a heavy black base like a traffic cone but bigger”.

A social media user who identified themselves as a council inspector said residents are not allowed to place the bollards on the road. “I get nasty residents who report people parking in front of their house. They have left cones out and I end up taking those away,” they said.

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