Bizarre Westfield car park scene baffles Aussies: 'Menace to society'

A shopper was shocked to discover the car park filled with individual trolleys taking up all the car spaces.

Trolleys in car spaces inside car park at Westfield North Lakes.
A prank in the Westfield car park saw a trolley neatly arranged in each of the car spaces. Source: Facebook

There's nothing more frustrating than finding an empty spot in a shopping centre car park, only to discover an abandoned trolley in the way. So imagine rocking up to find an entire row of spaces at a Westfield out of action due to purposely placed trolleys — neatly arranged in the centre of each.

This exact scenario was witnessed at a Westfield in Queensland over the weekend, much to the surprise of baffled shoppers. Photos and a video show at least twenty spaces with a trolley methodically placed, creating two straight rows.

The exact reason for the trolley placement remains unclear, and while there is the possibility they were put there by Westfield management, shoppers suggested it was likely a prank. And while most saw the stunt as a bit of "harmless fun", not everyone agreed, with a debate erupting on social media after the prank was exposed.

"Some good old-fashioned fun was found at Westfield this morning," said a woman who visited Westfield North Lakes on Saturday. In the video, she can be heard chuckling while observing the unusual scenes.

Another agreed "this is funny" saying it's "harmless fun with no damage and no one was hurt". Many called it "classic" while some said it was "hilarious". Another joked it's "some of the best parking I’ve seen".

"It's a trolley meeting. This is best," said another. "You’re a menace to society and I love it," another shared. Meanwhile, someone else said it's "the most passive-aggressive vandalism I have ever witnessed".

Some however thought the prank was a step too far.

"Someone with too much time on their hands making work for others who may not have so much time," one said. "What about the trolly collectors?" someone else added.

Westfield North Lakes, Queensland.
The trolley prank was spotted inside the car park at Westfield North Lakes in Queensland. Source: Getty

"They already have to walk miles collecting trolleys from the lazy people that can’t return them to the trolly bays," they added. However, another local disagreed.

"It makes it easy for the trolley collectors when they are all in one place, whoever did this has just gone around collecting abandoned trolleys. No harm done," they suggested.

Westfield was contacted for comment.

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