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Woolworths customer pleads for help over strange chicken pack

A Woolworths customer has reached out for help on social media, confused by the strange appearance of her chicken purchase.

The woman posted four photos to the Woolworths’s Facebook page yesterday asking for help.

Three of the photos show a pack of Woolworths brand marinated chicken strips in their packaging.

The protective seal is shown to be bulging on the package, and the use-by date shows that the product expires on August 7th - three days after the photos were taken.

The chicken, which was purchased at Woolworths in Wadalba, New South Wales, is part of the Woolworths Cook range which aims to make cooking easier by selling ready to cook pre-marinated meats.

Package of marinated chicken with bulged top. Source: Facebook
The customer was concerned her chicken was off due to the state of the packaging. Source: Facebook

The fourth photo posted shows a screenshot of the messages the woman had sent to Woolworths about the chicken.

The screenshot shows the four messages the woman sent to Woolworths about her concerns, before posting the photos on their Facebook page, all of which are unread.

“Can someone please get back to me?” the message says.

“Does this mean it’s gone off?”

“It has pressure like it’s going to pop, use by date is 7/8/21 and today is 4/8/21?” she sent.

In a comment on the post, the woman later added “thanks for the off chicken Woolworths”.

A screenshot of messages shows a customer asking Woolworths for help. Source: Facebook
The customer had not received a response from Woolworths before posting on their Facebook page. Source: Facebook

The CSIRO website states that bloated packaging should be avoided due to bacteria build-up.

“Don’t buy any chilled food where the packaging looks swollen or damaged,” the article says.

‘It’s off’: Customers weigh in on Woolworths chicken

A woman’s post showing the concerning state of her in-date Woolworths chicken has attracted a slew of comments.

Regarding the woman’s concerns about the puffed packaging, a person responded stating that they believe the pressure in the packaging indicates that the chicken is not safe to eat.

“It means there is bacteria in there and the gases can’t escape from the sealed plastic so it bloats and puffs up,” they said.

People queue outside a Woolworths store. Source: Getty Images
Other customers urged the woman to throw out the chicken for fear of her getting sick. Source: Getty Images, file photo

Other customers have urged the woman to not consume the chicken.

“In my experience that means it’s off,” said one person.

“If in doubt, throw it out,” wrote another.

“I wouldn’t eat it,” said a third.

The woman responded to comments, indicating that she was not going to eat the chicken and planned to throw it out.

Supermarket chicken has often come under fire from customers on social media, with one reporting her chicken was held together with paste, while another complained of disintegrating chicken, and a third found a chicken head inside the packaging of their purchase.

Woolworths responds to customer’s chicken gripe

A spokesperson from Woolworths has told Yahoo News Australia that they are looking in to the customer's concerns.

"We've asked for further information to follow up with our store team and supply partner to understand what may have caused this," the spokesperson said.

"We take food quality seriously and if customers ever have concerns about the quality of a product, we encourage them to bring it back to the store for a refund or replacement."

Man walks past Woolworths sign on wall. Source: AAP
Woolworths has been questioned over a suspicious package of chicken. Source: AAP

Woolworths's return policy states that all products are covered.

"All products you buy in store at Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and online, with the exception of gift cards, are covered by the Woolworths supermarkets returns policy," the policy states.

Yahoo News Australia understands that Woolworths has liaised directly with the customer to come to a resolution.

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