Woolworths shoppers shocked by 'awesome' queue hack on TikTok

Woolworths has delighted customers by sharing an “awesome” time-saving shopping hack in a TikTok video.

The instructional TikTok video features Woolworths' very own Tiktok star, Liam Kirley, who demonstrates how to save time on your next shop using the Q-Tracker tool on the Woolworths website.

“Here is a shopping hack to help you know how busy your local Woolworths is at home,” says Liam in the video.

The video, which is captioned “Use #Qtracker time-saving next time you shop at #Woolworths”, then cuts to Liam demonstrating the hack on his phone.

Screenshot of Woolworths time saving hack on TikTok. Source: TikTok/@Woolworths_au
Woolworths has shocked shoppers with their time-saving hack on TikTok. Source: TikTok/@Woolworths_au

“Search Woolworths Q-Tracker, enter your postcode and it shows you how busy your store is and if there is any wait,” explains Liam, as he scrolls down the list of Woolies stores.

In the 29-second video, Liam explains that each store provides the information for shoppers, so they can see at a glance “how many people are in the store, how long it takes for them to shop and queue wait times”.

“My local store has a zero minute wait, so I'm going to go and get some berries and cream!” sings a delighted Liam at the end of the TikTok video.

Before saying: “My mum laughs at my jokes. It’s probably why I’m single.”

Since Woolworths posted the time-saving hack, the video has amassed over 38,000 views and 4,700 likes from impressed shoppers who flocked to the comments.

“Oh, awesome. Thanks for the tip!” commented one user.

“Okay, but this is actually cool,” commented a second.

Woolworths responded, saying: “We couldn't agree more, so helpful!

While another shopper suggested that Woolworths use the Q-Tracker tool as part of the supermarket’s Click and Collect service to let them know when their groceries are on their way.

What is Q-Tracker?

According to Woolworths, Q-Tracker is a new tool that “uses real-time data to show you the length of the queue to enter our stores.”

The Woolworths Q-Tracker tool can be accessed on the Woolworths website and is updated every five minutes, so shoppers will have the latest information about queues and wait times in-store.

“By helping you plan when and where you shop before you leave home, Q-Tracker makes it easy to avoid busy periods, save time and shop with your safety in mind,” reads the Woolworths website.

Woolworths' Q-Tracker screenshot. Source: Woolworths Group
Woolworths' Q-Tracker tool helps shoppers plan their shop to reduce time spent in-store. Source: Woolworths Group

The Q-Tracker tool was among a list of four tips previously unveiled by Woolworths to cut down time spent in stores during lockdown.

Other time-saving tips include using Product Finder within the Woolworths app to build a digital list and finding products in the Woolworths app, ordering direct-to-boot pickup for groceries, and choosing home delivery when possible.

'Love this!': Woolworths shoppers shocked by TikTok trick

Since Woolworths joined the world of TikTok in early September, supermarket’s follower count has grown to over 56,700 and many of their videos have gone viral.

Previous shopping hacks from Woolies that have taken the online world by storm include self-serve tricks, time-saving register hacks and the recent shopping bag hack.

Woolworths recently made the headlines when they shared a thrifty shopping bag hack for customers whose Bag for Good is looking worse for wear.

The hilarious clip features none other than Liam Kirley, who explains that customers can trade in their broken or torn reusable Bag for Good to receive a brand new one – free of charge.

Liam Kirley shown in the Woolworths TikTok video. Source: TikTok/@Woolworths_au
In TikTok video, Liam Kirley explains that customers can trade in their broken Woolworths Bag for Good for a new one – free of charge. Source: TikTok/@Woolworths_au

In the lighthearted video, Liam frolics in the garden with his broken Bag for Good.

“This is Liam’s much-loved Bag for Good, however, look at what it has been through... but he can go to the service desk at his local Woolies to get a brand new bag, free of charge!” says Liam in the video.

Unsurprisingly, the nifty bag hack has gone viral online since it was posted, with an enthusiastic response from shoppers in the comments.

Despite the front of each Bag for Good reading: “If this bag gets damaged, we’ll replace it for free”, it appears many customers have overlooked the handy hack until watching this TikTok.

“What a great initiative! My bag’s looking very poor, so looks like a trip to Woolies is needed!” one shopper commented.

“Love this,” said another.

“Never knew this,” a third agreed.

However, one shopper was curious about where the damaged bag would end up, posing the question: “What does Liam do with his used bag?”

Rest assured, Woolworths is committed to recycling all returned Bags for Good, as explained on their website.

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