Woolworths 'inappropriate' Halloween decorations spark debate

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A Woolworths customer has lashed out online after an in-store Halloween display allegedly frightened her child.

The Western Australian woman recently addressed a post to Woolworths on Facebook, featuring the hashtag #nothappywoolworths.

Accompanying the woman’s post is a photograph of her local store’s display.

The photograph shows a display of chocolates adorned with spider web props and two hanging Grim Reaper props, which are part of Woolworths’s 2021 Halloween collection.

Woolworths in store display showing chocolate, cobwebs, and a cloaked skeleton hanging prop. Source: Facebook
The shopper says the decorations should be confined to one part of the store only. Source: Facebook

“The decorations are not appropriate, can’t you just dedicate a spot or something?” she wrote.

The woman also mentioned Woolworths’s quiet hour in her post, which aims to provide a quiet and low stimulation in-store experience for those with sensory sensitivities.

“Quiet hour is great but this is not helping at all,” she wrote.

“Anyone else struggle with their kids when these decorations come out?”

“Mine said: ‘let’s leave and go to IGA instead, they don’t have scary decorations’.”

The woman’s post has sparked a lively discussion in the comments section, as Facebook users debate whether the store’s decorations are appropriate for children.

Facebook users in disagreement about decorations

With Halloween only weeks away, Woolworths stores have begun releasing Halloween-themed items and decorating their stores, however not all are impressed.

In response to the woman’s post, Woolworths customers and Facebook users have been participating in a hot debate regarding the decorations in the post’s photo.

Some are in agreement with the woman, referring to the prominent placement of the decorations in-store.

“I think a dedicated section would be better, I also think it’s a bit tasteless and inappropriate at the moment,” wrote one person.

“The scary decorations give my kids nightmares,” said another.

“I showed my child and she said: ‘that’s creepy’,” commented a third.

Woolworths exterior. Source: Getty Images
Facebook users in the comments section are also sharing their own experiences in the comments, of when 'spooky' things frigtened them as children. Source: Getty Images

However, many other Facebook users are not phased by the store’s decorations.

“It’s Halloween season, your kids need to get a grip if they’re scared by Halloween paraphernalia,” said one person.

“It’s October, many places have decorations up including people’s houses - maybe keep the kids at home if this sort of thing scares them,” commented another.

“My eight-year-old would laugh at these decorations,” said a third.

Other Facebook users have also been quick to point out that Halloween is a recurring event stating: “It’s an annual festival that comes around every year at the same time.”

Last month, Woolworths shoppers were surprised to notice Christmas puddings being stocked in store, but noted the lack of Halloween decorations, despite Halloween occurring first.

Another Facebook user took to the post to comment “to be fair, I think that’s an employee," implying it was an individual worker's decision to put up the decorations.

This comment follows news that Woolworths workers have allegedly been overworked and dealt with heightened customer abuse amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Woolworths addresses customer’s decoration controversy

A Woolworths representative has commented on the woman’s Facebook post requesting further information regarding the store’s location and the time she visited.

“We’re sorry to hear your concerns about the Halloween decorations in one of our stores,” the representative wrote.

Woolworths logo at sunset. Source: Getty Images
Many of Woolworths's popular Halloween decoration items have sold out online. Source: Getty Images

Speaking with Yahoo News Australia, a Woolworths spokesperson has indicated that store teams are encouraged to get in the Halloween spirit.

“Our store teams enjoy helping customers celebrate a range of events throughout the year and we encourage them to get in the festive spirit by decorating their store in the lead up to celebrations like Halloween,” they said.

“We appreciate this customer’s feedback on the decorations at their local store and have passed it onto the store team.”

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