Woman finally returns to apartment after being locked out for 4 years: 'What the hell?'

Kali left her unit just before Covid thinking she'd be gone for just a few weeks, now she's returned four whole years later to quite a surprise.

An expat who was living in China before the Covid-19 pandemic, and left days before the first wave, has revealed in an extraordinary video what she claimed her untouched apartment looked like on returning to it for the first time in four whole years.

US national Kali Wallace was living in China in a unit she was allocated through a "government scholarship with a stipend and everything" to study for a masters in fine arts.

Wallace said she was "lucky enough" not to have to pay rent in the apartment during her studies, in a "deal" that was organised when she was awarded the grant. Deciding to return to New Jersey for the US winter break, Wallace left her unit in late 2019 in a state as any person would, with a view that she would return in simply a matter of weeks.

Expat Kali Wallace and an image of her messy kitchen, which she said she hadn't been in for four years.
Expat Kali Wallace has revealed the puzzling state she found her unit in China in when arriving back in the country after being locked out for four years during Covid. Source: TikTok

"I lived in China for years before Covid and I left in December, 2019. Then for reasons that we all know I couldn't come back," Wallace said in a video on social media, prior to entering the apartment.

"When I left, I left thinking I was only going to be gone for three to four weeks, so I left things in my freezer — and spoiler alert, there's been no electricity in my apartment for four years — I left food out. So I don't know what I'm going to be walking into."

Wallace then films as she tours through the apartment, which she said she hadn't been in since 2019. Immediately, it looks as though the unit has been ransacked, with Wallace appearing to be surprised by the state of things.

"This is not that crazy," she first says of the living the space, which comparatively was in a semi-organised state. "Yeah, there's stuff that's fallen off the wall, but I turn this way," she continues, panning the camera to the kitchen, a view which she says left her "speechless".

"What the hell happened?" she said in confusion. "I promise I did not leave the kitchen like this."

For the remainder of the video Wallace guides viewers around the home where, as how one person in the comments put it, looks as though there'd "definitely been an earthquake".

Kali Wallace's messy home showing products strewn across the floor and general rubbish everywhere. She says she hadn't entered the unit in four years due to Covid-19.
Wallace guides viewers around the unit which looks like 'an earthquake' struck it. Source: TikTok

The expat continued to claim that apart from somebody who entered the apartment to turn the water and electricity back on, to her knowledge nobody had been in the apartment, Though as she pointed out, there were "footprints" through the dust on the floor.

In response to the puzzling footage, people online had a lot to say.

"I'm getting 'someone was living in your apartment' vibes," one person said. "It looks like someone came in and went through your stuff," a second agreed.

"I lived in China at the same time and this happened to so many of my friends, most of them had a friend clear their place or the landlord cleared it out and put it in storage," another person said.

"I would actually love to be able to walk into a room from pre-Covid, so bad," said a fourth.

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