Woolworths customer ecstatic after receiving ‘cute note’

A Woolworths customer has spoken out about a lovely interaction she had with her local store team in a recent delivery.

The Victorian woman recently addressed a post to Woolworths’s official Facebook page, thanking her local store team for a "small act of kindness" that brightened her grocery delivery.

“Thanks to the team at Woolworths Highpoint West for the cute note with my delivery this morning, it made my day!” she wrote.

Accompanying the woman’s post was a photograph of the note that she received from the Woolworths Highpoint West team, which she received after writing a message of thanks in her order’s special instructions.

Woolworths logo (left), thank you note (right). Source: Getty Images (left), Facebook (right)
The woman said that small acts of kindness should never be underestimated. Source: Getty Images (left), Facebook (right)

“Thank you so much for your very kind and thoughtful note you left our personal shopper this morning, you’ve made our day!” the note said.

“It’s been our absolute pleasure to pick your order today and always.”

The woman concluded her Facebook post by encouraging other Woolworths customers to send kind notes with their future delivery orders.

“For anyone wanting to leave a note for your store or personal shopper, you can do this by adding instructions to the items you are purchasing,” she said.

“Small acts of kindness will brighten people’s days!”

Woolworths responds to kind post: ‘They care deeply’

A Woolworths representative has left a comment on a woman’s post, describing a delightful interaction between her and the Woolworths Highpoint West team.

“We appreciate the time taken to share this note with us about your experience between our team members and yourself,” the representative wrote.

“It clearly shows they care deeply for our customers.”

The representative then said they had shared the woman’s feedback with the Highpoint West Store Management team.

“I’m sure it’ll make their day as well as it has made yours,” the representative said.

A Woolworths spokesperson has previously confirmed with Yahoo News that through Woolworths’s Good Acts program, staffers are encouraged to look for opportunities to give small gifts to shoppers.

“From handwritten notes to a box of chocolates, our team like to go above and beyond for our customers to make their shopping experience extra special,” the spokesperson said.

Previous gifts to other Woolworths customers have included boxes of chocolates, cakes, flowers and handwritten notes.

Woolworths staffers organise unexpected birthday surprise

A NSW Woolworths customer has also taken to Facebook to share a sweet gesture from her local store, as she received an unexpected birthday message from staff.

The woman, who thanked Woolworths Goulburn for their efforts, posted a photograph of the note along with some treats on the Woolworths Facebook page.

Woolworths and BWS logo (left) and 11 packs of tarts and a 4 pack of Jack Daniels (right). Source: Getty Images (left), Facebook (right)
The woman was so appreciative of the note she received from her store team. Source: Getty Images (left), Facebook (right)

The photograph shows a four pack of Jack Daniels whiskey and cola mixers, next to 11 packs of Portuguese Tarts along with a handwritten note.

It is unclear whether the team sent her the treats or just the note, but regardless the woman was very pleased by the surprise.

“Happy birthday from the Woolworths team,” the note says.

The woman’s post says “what an amazing surprise from Woolworths Goulburn, delivered for my birthday.”

Another Woolworths customer previously thanked the retailer for brightening her day after fixing a click and collect mishap by adding a box of chocolates and flowers to her order.

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