Woolworths worker reveals 'game changing' store hack

A new Woolworths video is taking TikTok by storm, as a staffer reveals a game changing shopping hack.

The instructional hack details how customers can avoid getting lost while searching for their favourite product in store, or having to ask a team member for assistance.

The 28 second video, which was posted to Woolworths’s official TikTok account on Tuesday, features video and voiceover from TikTok star Liam Kirley.

Liam Kirley in the video (left) Woolworths app (right). Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au (left), Getty Images (right)
The shopping [sic] hack can be completed by any Woolworths customer using the Woolworths app. Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au (left), Getty Images (right)

“I'm going to show you a hack so you can shop quicker at Woolworths,” Liam says.

The video cuts to footage of Liam using his phone to perform the hack.

Using our Woolworths app you can hack your shopping by using our list function,” he says.

“Make sure you set your location to the store you shop at, simply press the item that you want to add to your list or you can scan the barcode from an item you already have and add it to your list.”

“Change the mode to ‘in store’ mode and sort by aisle location,” he says.

“The list will categorise all the items into aisles so you can easily navigate and find your products.”

Since Woolworths joined TikTok in early September, their follower count has grown to over 31,000.

Previous hacks posted by the retailer have included self-serve tricks, time-saving register hacks and bag-packing hacks to keep groceries intact during travel.

Solution to confusing problem

The Woolworths hack, which has already racked up thousands of views, was captioned in response to a viral TikTok by American expat TikToker @depotadventures.

“Hey @depotadventures, here's an easy hack for next time you're in store," the caption said.

In the former Minnesota resident’s TikTok he complained that store layouts in Australia were confusing and said he walked down seven aisles looking for ground coffee due to the unclear product categorisation.

Male TikTok user in a supermarket. Source: TikTok/@depotadventures
Comments on the now-Melbournite's TikTok agreed that they found grocery store layouts confusing. Source: TikTok/@depotadventures

“Each aisle’s sign has just three items on it. In this case, we have chips, cereal and chocolate, you just need to know all the things that fall into that subcategory,” he said in the video.

TikTok responds to ‘game changer’ hack

A number of TikTok users have responded to Woolworths’s shopping hack post thanking the retailer for sharing the tip.

“This will definitely make my shopping so much easier,” wrote one person.

“I’m gonna try this next time,” commented a second.

“This is a game changer!” said a third.

Another TikTok user commented that they found the app to be extremely useful since changes had been implemented at their local store.

“Love using the app, especially since my local Woolies just had a facelift,” they said.

Another TikTok user said they were glad there was a solution so they wouldn't have to ask staff where items were.

“Would be nice if customers can use the app instead of having to ask the staff where stuff is,” they said.

Woolworths’s TikTok channel does not exclusively include in-store hacks. A number of behind-the-scenes videos have been posted to the channel this month, including recipes, sales rituals and Covid-19 safety tips.

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