Woolworths slammed over 'constant' online pricing errors

Woolworths customers have been bombarding the retailer on social media after an error with the "in store" section of the Woolworths app has been advertising incorrect prices.

A slew of Facebook posts directed at the Woolworths page have drawn attention to this issue, where advertised items are showing both incorrect discounts and sale advertisements in error.

“Can someone please fix whatever is going on with the app?” asked one customer.

“It’s constantly showing errors like this.”

Accompanying the post are three screenshots showing groceries being advertised as discounted without changing in price, and a $41 item boasting a $4 saving, at an advertised price of $26.45.

Incorrectly displayed prices on the Woolworths app. Source: Facebook via Woolworths app
Customers are confused after seeing these prices on the Woolworths app. Source: Facebook (screenshots via Woolworths app)

Other customers have been posting similar screenshots to Woolworths via social media, pointing out that items had been incorrectly given a "half price" label.

One customer, who spotted some half price face wash advertised on the Woolworths app, expressed his disappointment when the advertised price was not found in store.

“Went looking for this special in store but no luck, still had to pay $9,” he said, referencing a screenshot advertising the face wash as "$4.50 off".

Other customers have also drawn attention to the absence of these sales in store.

“I went looking for some of these only to find them not on sale,” one person wrote.

“I tried the feedback form but that also didn’t work.”

Supermarket pricing errors are not uncommon with an Aldi customer recently spotting chicken incorrectly advertised as $351, and Coles customers slamming broken promo codes.

‘Go back to school’: Customers correct pricing errors

Woolworths customers have been schooling the retailer in relentless Facebook posts drawing attention to incorrectly calculated discount prices on the Woolworths app.

“Dear Woolworths, half of $9 is not still $9,” wrote one man.

“You may need to adjust this - 2 for $8.60 but they are on special for $3.80 each. 2 for $7.60 perhaps?” commented another, referring to the price of her cat food.

Incorrectly shown prices on Woolworths app. Source: Facebook via Woolworths app
Customers have taken it upon themselves to work out the correct price of some items. Source: Facebook (screenshots via Woolworths app).

“Whoever does the mathematics for your advertising needs to go back to school,” wrote a third.

In response to the latter comment, a Woolworths representative replied, confirming the pricing error.

“Thanks for bringing this error on our website to our attention. We’ve made our team aware of this,” they said.

Woolworths 'aware of' pricing error

A Woolworths spokesperson has confirmed with Yahoo News that their technicians are working on fixing the issue.

"We’re aware of an error affecting how a small number of products are displayed within the 'in-store' mode of our app," the spokesperson said.

Woolworths app on phone in front of coding screen on computer. Source: Getty Images
Customers using the 'pick up' or 'delivery' mode in the app should not experience the pricing issue. Source: Getty Images

"The error is causing no-longer current promotional labels, such as 'half price' or 'special', to display on some products. However, the price displayed is the correct retail price."

"We’ve notified our teams who are currently investigating the cause of this error and taking steps to rectify it as a matter of urgency," the spokesperson said.

Yahoo News understands that the pricing issue is exclusive to the "in store" section, and is not affecting other parts of the app, or the Woolworths website.

Woolworths has also recently confirmed that they have been down on workers because 3300 staff members were forced into isolation due to Covid, with Woolworths staff admitting they were exhausted amid increased demand in stores.

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