Baffled US shopper issues TikTok plea to Coles and Woolworths

A US shopper has taken to TikTok completely confused by how Aussie supermarkets Coles and Woolworths are set up.

The shopper, who moved to Australia six years ago from the US and now lives in Melbourne, said he’s constantly searching his local Coles supermarket to find basic items like coffee and eggs.

Using his TikTok account @depotadventures, the man shared his frustration as he walked the aisles of his local Coles supermarket.

"I still can not understand how grocery stores are laid out,” he told his 6400 followers.

The US shopper was completely confused by the Coles layout. Source: TikTok.
The US shopper was completely confused by the Coles layout. Source: TikTok.

"I just walked down seven aisles to find ground coffee because the categorisations are just crazy here."

The baffled shopper went on to say that his confusion was thanks to the limited signage in the aisles, describing what was in each one.

“Each aisle has just three items on it. In this case, we have chips, cereal and chocolate, you just need to know all the things that fall into that subcategory,” he said as he walked through Coles.

“Also they’re not consistent! Coles, Woolies, will change where the eggs are. Sometimes they are by the produce, sometimes they are by the dairy.

“Which one? You’re just going to have to get lost for 20 minutes until you find out. What the heck, Australia!?”

Even Aussie don't get it

The video, which he captioned: "Get your act together Woolworths and Coles" had dozens of comments from others who agreed.

“I used to work at Woolies so I’m ok there, but Coles baffles me,” a former supermarket staffer commented.

The entrance to a brightly lit Coles supermarket in Ropes Crossing at dusk. Source: Getty Images
A US expat has expressed confusion about the layout of Aussie supermarkets. Source: Getty Images

“And then you get used to a certain layout and they have the AUDACITY to change the entire layout,” added another shopper.

“I’ve lived here my whole life and still don't get it. I was at a Coles that had dips in two different sections?” added a third.

There's a hack for that!

Trying to help out the US-born shopper, originally from Minnesota, some offered an explanation as to why supermarkets do it and a fool-proof hack to figuring it all out.

“Use the apps! It tells you which aisle everything is in. And they rearranged the layout to promote impulse buys regularly,” one shopper advised.

“This is why I have the Coles app on my phone and search for which aisle,” added another.

“Great marketing strategy. Most people don't carry a list so if they can't easily find what they are looking for you’re likely to buy more,” suggested a third.

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