Woolworths bakery worker reveals surprising bread facts

A Woolworths employee has revealed some surprising "fresh facts" for customers about working in the supermarket's bakery department.

Sharing the top four questions she gets asked by customers, TikTok user @itskatematee posted a video detailing how you end up with mouldy bread, the actual types of toast thickness available and the real reason you can’t ask for hot sliced bread.

“I’m going to be answering some questions that I get on the daily that I feel like you guys need to know,” she explained in the video which has already gained 24,000 views.

Woolworths bakery employee TikTok stills. Source: TikTok/ @itskatematee
A Woolworths bakery employee says she's tired of being asked the same questions by customers so she wanted to set the record straight. Source: TikTok/ @itskatematee

She started by revealing that there are only two slice thickness options and those who request a "middle thickness" are being lied to.

“Number one, there is only thick and thin slice,” she said.

“There’s no middle. No middle thickness it does not exist. If we say ok when you ask, we’re lying it’s just easier.”

She went on to explain the reason why bakery staff can’t give customers warm, sliced bread when asked.

“We can not give you a sliced warm loaf. If it’s hot we cannot slice it. It will literally just turn back into dough and just crumble,” she revealed.

“So please don't get mad when we say sorry we can’t give it to you warm.

“If you want it unsliced sure, but if you want it cut up we can not give it to you warm. That’s how you get mouldy bread within a day.”

Woolworths worker reveals if bread is 'really made daily?'

Seemingly frustrated, the worker went on to confirm that the Woolies bakery department does indeed make everything fresh daily.

“If I get asked one more time: 'Is this fresh?' We are called the fresh food people! So please stop asking if we made it today,” she said.

“And finally, if you come in on a public holiday in the afternoon and we have run out of stock, don't get mad. What do you expect, everyone comes early.

“If you come in at 3pm when we’ve been here since 1am and you’re angry that you don't get bread?”

Exterior view of Woolworths Miranda supermarket. Source: Getty Images
The bakery video has prompted other employees to share their thought too. Source: Getty Images

The video post which has had over 5,000 likes prompted fellow bakery workers to chime in on their experience too.

“Literally! I work at a bakery and this happens way too much,” one person commented.

“This! All of this!” agreed another.

“Or when you have a full slicer and someone wants a mini sourdough sliced and they get mad when you say it will be a few minutes,” added a third.

Some customers however pointed out that other bakeries still serve up hot, sliced bread despite her warning that it causes bread to become mouldy

“Coles bakery over there not caring, slicing it warm anyway, well they do at my local anyway,” one customer said.

“You can get warmed sliced bread at Bakers Delight though?” added another.

Woolworths staffer speaks out against hack

The TikTok user isn't the first employee to speak out about annoying customer habits on social media.

Another Woolies staff member recently shared a viral TikTok hack had made their job more difficult too.

“Oi Aussies, did you know that at Woolworths you can pull this up to insert your coins when you have too many?” a TikTok user said in the viral video which received over 760,000 views.

But a Woolworths staff member quickly fired back explaining why you shouldn't do it.

A woman says she discovered an easy method of depositing her coins into a Woolworths checkout, but has since copped criticism. Source: TikTok/@casandrashayla
A woman says she discovered an easy method of depositing her coins into a Woolworths checkout, but has since copped criticism. Source: TikTok/@casandrashayla

“Please don’t do that, it jams the machines and then we gotta fix it," the employee commented on the video.

“As a Woolies worker – you’ll just break the machine and not get your change," another said.

“Please don’t, I work at Woolies and you will be held up by like 20 minutes so we can unjam the machine," a third added.

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