Woolworths shopper stunned by 'extremely kind' response to health crisis

A Woolworths shopper has been left stunned by the kindness of staff after he became unwell and required an ambulance.

Reaching out to the supermarket giant on their Facebook page, the man from Victoria was completely taken back by the caring staff members who went out of their way to help him and his wife.

The incident occurred while the man was shopping at the Niddrie store, north-west of Melbourne recently.

“They all looked after me well and called an ambulance for me,” he wrote in his post.

But the staff members didn’t stop there, they even helped the man’s wife - who was shopping with him at the time - to get home safely.

A Woolworths shopper has shared the inspiring actions staff took to help when he had a health episode in-store. Source: Getty Images
A Woolworths shopper has shared the inspiring actions staff took to help when he had a health episode in-store. Source: Getty Images

“Two of the men took my wife home in my car and even parked it in reverse in the garage, which I always do,” the shopper continued.

“Those who helped me until the ambulance came were extremely kind and helpful.”

The customer was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital where he was given a Covid test which came back negative.

The customer says he was showing signs of preliminary pneumonia and was grateful that the staff did so much to help him.

“I am now home again, I was showing signs of preliminary pneumonia so their assistance to me helped get me the medications and nursing I needed,” he said.

“Again, thanks to a great group of staff at Niddrie!”

Aldi shopper shocked by kind act

It seems one positive thing that has come out of the ongoing Covid pandemic is strangers offering random acts of kindness.

A shopper at Aldi’s Marriott Waters store, shared her experience on the Aldi Mum’s Facebook page, saying she was shocked by a stranger's heartwarming act of kindness.

“I had a massive shop to do today and my main debit card had been declining,” she said.

“Two guys lined up behind me with barely anything and I did what I always do: ‘you guys go ahead, you don’t have many groceries’.”

The woman said that what the men did next was "too much".

"The checkout lady says to me: ‘that man in the red jumper gave me $50 to put towards your groceries’,” she wrote.

Aldi shoppers outside Aldi store. Source: Getty Images
The woman said her trolley was full before the kind act. Source: Getty Images

“I was in complete shock, I could barely move, it was too much!”

The woman said she had tried to track the man down to pay him back but was unable to find him.

“By the time I had processed what had happened, he had already left,” she said.

“Thank you so much to that kind-hearted human being, the world needs more people like you - I will certainly pay it forward!”

The woman’s Facebook post has since gained more than 3,000 interactions from group members.

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