Coles customers surprised by hot cross buns label: 'Super clever'

While Easter was many months ago now and next year's celebration isn't even on the horizon, Coles shoppers may be pleased to hear they can still pick up a popular Easter treat in-store.

But there's one big difference with the store's latest offering that has some customers scratching their heads.

Some Coles shoppers have spotted items labelled as Not Cross Buns, on their shelves. Yes, you read that right. And as the name suggests, the baked treat is just like traditional hot cross buns, but without the all-important cross.

Basically, they are glazed fruit buns with a fun name, but customers can’t make up their minds about them.

Coles Not Cross Buns. Source: Coles
Coles Not Cross Buns are dividing the opinion of Hot Cross Bun lovers online. Source: Coles

Posting about the buns on social media one person wrote: “I'm shaking my head. How about you? Glad the buns are happy,” alongside a picture of the Coles product.

While some people couldn’t see why they can’t just be called "fruit buns", most people were amused by the fun play-on-words name.

“Super clever, very tongue in cheek!” one person wrote.

“My son jumped at them and bit humour from Coles,” added another, while a third said: “I’m adding these to my shopping list.”

TikTok user 'confused' over name

A TikTok user also spotted the Not Cross Buns at her local Coles earlier this month.

“I forgot what month it was for a good 30 seconds,” she wrote in the video of herself spotting the buns.

“Until I realised it said ‘not’ instead of ‘hot’.”

The Coles Not Cross Buns on Coles shelves. Source: Facebook/TikTok
The Coles Not Cross Buns are available for $2.80 across 600 Coles supermarkets. Source: Facebook/TikTok

“I was trying to work out how it was Spring this morning and then Easter this afternoon,” the TikToker commented after someone wrote that she looked confused.

Others shared some handy hacks for how they like to serve them up.

“Off to Coles I go,” one shopper shared, before adding: “20-30 seconds in the microwave with butter” is the best way to eat them.

Coles explains all

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that Not Cross Buns are in fact available across their stores.

“Not Cross Buns were available at more than 600 of our supermarkets to use up leftover Easter ingredients and offer customers a delicious treat!” the spokesperson said.

“With Christmas inching ever closer, we look forward to launching a new range of festive items from our bakery to delight customers… but it’s too early to share our exciting new products just yet!”

Back in March, Coles announced that they would no longer stop selling their award-winning Hot Cross Buns when Easter ended, deciding to instead sell the in-demand product all year round.

“The idea really came from our customers,” product developer (bakery) Chirantan Joshi said in a statement.

“They love to eat hot cross buns at Easter, of course, but at other times as well.”

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