Coles will now sell hot cross buns all year round

It's a move that sometimes enrages shoppers – the Christmas leftovers aren't even finished and hot cross buns are already on supermarket shelves months before Easter.

Well, now one supermarket chain is cashing in the popularity of the fruity treats.

Coles will be selling four-packs of hot cross buns onwards from Friday as part of a trial the retailer claims is driven by customer demand.

"For weeks – and in some instances for months – our bakers were being asked by customers if we were still baking hot cross buns," in-store bread manager Freddie Hancock said in a statement.

The packs will be available for $3 from supermarkets with in-store bakeries nationwide.

Hot cross buns pictured following Coles' announcement it would sell them nationwide year-round.
The supermarket announced the buns would be available in four packs for $3. Source: File/Getty Images

Coles said it ran a survey whereby 53.6 per cent of customers voted in favour of bringing the treat back to shelves out of season.

Public opinion has long been divided over the topic, many expressing outrage when the Easter bun hits shelves earlier than expected.

When Coles brought out hot cross buns on Boxing Day, customers were quick to complain.

“Coles are selling hot cross buns and it’s not even January! Got to be a record!” one person wrote to Twitter.

“Yeah way too early, I like the Hot Cross bun but way too early, #Christmas lunch,” another said.

Coles hot cross bun pictured as supermarket decides to sell them all year after customer demand.
The public is divided over Coles' decision to sell hot cross buns year-round. Source: Twitter/HajjACM

Others were able to get their hands on a pack in December.

“It’s December and I’m eating a hot cross bun I just purchased from Coles. The world gets more and more crazy all the time,” a third consumer said.

“Look, I love a good hot cross bun like the next person, but it is only 2 January 2018. C’mon Coles, my Christmas ham has only just been eaten,” a fourth person said.

Some expressed their excitement at having access to the buns year-round.

“Thank you Coles for selling them so early! I'm always bummed after Easter because it's the end of hot cross bun season. So I welcome them as early as possible :) Naysayers don't tell me how it's just any ol' fruit bun, I'm a fan of other flavours,” one fan tweeted.

The supermarket giant sold 12.5 million packs of hot cross buns from the end of 2018 through to Easter Monday.

Coles’ competitor Woolworths has not yet revealed if it will be following suit.

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