Woolworths customer finds ‘dangerous' weapon in toothpaste

A shocked Woolworths customer has contacted the retailer online, detailing a concerning discovery inside a box of toothpaste.

The Adelaide woman addressed a post to Woolworths’s public Facebook page on Wednesday evening, detailing her perplexing discovery.

“I wanted to let you know what I came across while I was unpacking a product of yours I purchased at the Glenelg store,” she wrote.

“Tonight I emptied the contents of the box which contains the standard tube of toothpaste, and another item I hadn’t noticed prior.”

Accompanying the woman’s post is a photograph showing a rusted, partially wrapped razor blade alongside a tube and box of White Glo toothpaste.

Tube of White Glo toothpaste and box with razor blade next to it. Source: Facebook
It is unclear if the blade was placed in the box during manufacturing, or was tampered with in-store. Source: Facebook

“A sharp weapon was packed within the box (I have also noted that the product was made in China) which looks frankly dangerous.

“I have previously used these products from Woolworths but I have now been discouraged to use the product based on the hygiene, safety and potential tampering from the item I have purchased,” she said.

The woman’s original post has since been deleted.

Woolworths customer concerned for safety

The customer went on to detail her concerns that members of her family could have been harmed by the item in her toothpaste pack.

“My 21-year-old profoundly intellectually disabled brother could use this to significantly harm himself, my family or his support workers if this came into his possession,” she said.

“What if he had found this as we tried to increase his independence?”

She also commented that if a child had come across this item, the consequences could have been much more severe.

“What if a child was asked by their parents to take the toothpaste out of the packet to help out?”

The woman said she counted herself lucky that she was the one to have made the grim discovery, and even more lucky that she did not sustain an injury when handling the sharp item.

Several Facebook users posted comments, encouraging the woman to take the matter up with manufacturer White Glo.

Yahoo News Australia contacted White Glo for comment and a spokesperson said the company "is aware of the matter and making investigations".

Woolworths investigating incident: ‘We take this seriously’

A representative from Woolworths has left a comment on the woman’s post, reassuring her that the matter is being treated as serious.

“We take incidents like this seriously and we’ll look into this with our team,” the representative wrote.

A representative then requested further information and a batch number of the product, which Yahoo News understands was provided via a private message.

A spokesperson from Woolworths has confirmed with Yahoo News that the matter is being investigated.

“We’re aware of this customer’s report and have provided them with a full refund and voucher,” the spokesperson said.

Woman pushing trolley in a car park outside Woolworths. Source: Getty Images
The Woolworths customer was concerned that the object could have injured a child. Source: Getty Images

“We’ve raised the incident directly with the supplier to investigate further.”

The spokesperson also said that the woman’s experience appears to be an isolated incident.

“We are unaware of any similar reports at this time,” they said.

Yahoo News understands that the customer was satisfied with the resolution provided to them by Woolworths.

Customers have previously lashed out at Woolworths on social media after other concerning finds in their groceries.

Recently, a woman reached out to the retailer after discovering a live cockroach in her muffin pack, and a customer reported opening a can of Woolworths diced tomatoes to find it filled with water.

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