TikToker stranded in outback flood goes viral: 'Most Aussie thing ever'

A young Australian woman is taking the internet by storm as she documents her scary experience in floodwater.

TikTok user @the.blue.is.in.danger has shared the moment her car sank in a flooded creek in outback Australia during the recent South Australian rain event, capturing her experience in videos that have collectively earned over two million views in 48 hours.

In the six-part series, the 19-year-old explains that a series of downpours left her stranded on the way back from a friend’s house six hours away from home, forcing her to take refuge on the roof of her car.

Still from TikTok video showing car submerged in floodwaters. Source TikTok/@the.blue.is.in.danger
The TikTok user said she was "on a warpath to get home." Source TikTok/@the.blue.is.in.danger

“As I was driving back I was checking all the dirt roads and all the creek beds to make sure it was safe to cross,” she told her followers.

“I approached the boundary to my property and the creek wasn’t very wide so, like an idiot, I didn’t check it.

“As soon as I went into it, I knew I made a huge mistake and I was swept 50 metres down the river,” she said.

The TikTok series shows the vlogger sitting on top of her submerged car and narrating her situation, while joking “I can’t live, laugh, love in these conditions.”

"This is bad. This is very, very bad. I'm about to cry," she said, as water started to creep above the car's bonnet.

“Thank f*** it isn't crocodile country. That doesn't stop me from looking at every single stick that floats past me."

Follow-up videos explain that once the TikTok user’s car became submerged, she was forced to wade through floodwater and camp overnight beneath a tree on the side of the road.

TikTok still frame showing the tree where the vlogger slept. Source TikTok/@the.blue.is.in.danger
The TikToker posted a follow-up video, showing a tree on the side of the road, and telling viewers "this is where I slept." Source: TikTok/@the.blue.is.in.danger

Lack of reception and a low phone battery meant that she was unable to call for help. But the next morning, a family member drove out to check on her, and she was rescued.

Although the TikTok user has approached her situation with humour, comments have scolded her for driving through floodwater.

She took a moment in the TikTok series to convey a serious note to viewers.

“Always check creeks, never drive into them if you’re not sure, and don’t do dumb things,” she warned.

See part one of the video series below (warning, coarse language):

‘You are a national treasure’: TikTok gripped by floodwater videos

TikTok users from all over the world have taken to the comments section to add their commentary on the video series.

“You’re so casual about all of this,” commented one TikTok user.

“You’re laughing and I would have been in a mental hospital in this situation,” wrote another.

“You are a national treasure, how is this not viral?” added a third.

“This is the most Aussie thing ever,” said a fourth.

3 screenshots from TikTok series. 1 showing damaged and muddy car interior, 1 showing car still bogged in floodwater, and 1 showing TikToker's face - blonde, short hair. Source: TikTok/@the.blue.is.in.danger
The TikToker revealed that she had just cleaned and detailed her car before undertaking the drive. Source: TikTok/@the.blue.is.in.danger

Other users have expressed their concern for the state of her car, named Theresa, which the TikToker revisited this morning.

“The floodwaters have gone down, it’s been a couple of days,” the TikToker tells followers as she inspects her car.

“I think I’ll be looking for a new car in my future,” she explains, panning to dirt and water still sitting in the car’s interior.

International viewers have also chimed in on the video series, with one stating “as an American, I could never.”

Viewers spot hilarious detail in TikTok series

TikTok users have also taken to the comments section to point out a hilarious detail in the video series.

“Ok, but is this an ad for KFC?” one user commented, pointing out a bucket of chicken and paper bag sat atop the car roof with the vlogger.

“Car roof party? I’ve got nuggets!” the TikToker joked.

TikTok useer eating chicken nugget out of bucket, and KFC bucket and bag sat on top of car in flood waters. Source: TikTok/@the.blue.is.in.danger
Other TikTok users said they were glad to see that she had something to eat while she was stranded. Source: TikTok/@the.blue.is.in.danger

She later revealed to followers that she was unable to grab her whole meal before her car went under.

“I saved the chicken but unfortunately I lost the chips,” she said.

“Kentucky Floating Chicken,” a TikTok user responded.

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