Aldi shopper 'surprised' by bizarre find in loaf of bread

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An Aldi customer has been left shocked and confused after discovering a strange detail in her loaf of bread.

Shopper Sindhura Somasundaram, from Queensland, told Yahoo News Austalia she purchased the regular loaf of wholemeal bread from her local Aldi store.

However, what she discovered inside was far from normal. Instead of being a plain wholemeal loaf, one side of the bread was made using a different dough which appeared to be fruit loaf.

“I just was surprised but just found it so funny,” she told Yahoo News Australia of the unusual loaf.

Aldi bread mix-up
A shopper discovered a small section of what appeared to be fruit loaf in her Aldi wholemeal bread. Source: Facebook.

Aldi shoppers left stunned

Ms Somasundaram first shared her strange discovery on Facebook, detailing the hilarious mix-up.

“When they forgot what bread they were baking,” she wrote on a popular Aldi fans page, alongside a laughing emoji face.

Her post was accompanied by an image of a slice of the bread, which strangely had a small section that contained sultanas and a different-looking bread.

The section, which was restricted to one side of the loaf, contained what looked to be part of a raisin bread recipe.

“Handy if you just want a bite of fruit loaf,” a fellow Aldi fan said.

“Haha how does that even happen!?!” Added another.

Her post racked up hundreds of likes from fellow Aldi fans who thought the odd mix-up was just as funny as she did.

The loaf of bread which was purchased from Aldi Carseldine, in Brisbane's north, appeared normal in the packaging. It wasn’t until it was opened that Ms Somasundaram realised the error.

Supermarket responds to bizarre bread mix-up

An Aldi spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the mix-up was an "isolated incident", which they were now investigating.

“In an isolated incident, our raisin loaf has accidentally merged with our wholemeal bread while being processed," the spokesperson said.

"The resulting mixed-up batch isn’t up to our high quality assurance standards so we’re investigating how it occurred and encourage customers who aren’t completely satisfied with the product to return it to the store for a full refund.”

Aldi Discount Supermarket. Aldi sells a range of grocery items, including produce, meat & dairy, at discount prices II
Aldi is currently investigating how the mix-up occurred. Source: Getty Images

More food processing errors at supermarkets

Oddly enough, strange food processing mix-ups are more common than we think across all supermarkets.

Back in August, Woolworths shopper Shell McKenzie was left speechless after a strange discovery in a tin of tomatoes.

Instead of diced Italian tomatoes, she found the sealed tin was full of plain water.

"It was delivered to my workplace," she told Yahoo News Australia.

Instead of getting a tin of tomatoes, a woolies customer oddly received a tin full of water. Source: Facebook
Instead of getting a tin of tomatoes, a Woolworths customer oddly received a tin full of water. Source: Facebook

"My cook opened it and was shocked it was filled with water… we bought others that were fine."

Ms McKenzie, who lives in the Melbourne suburb of Sunbury, said she reached out to Woolies about the bizarre find, providing the product details.

But the person she spoke to was just as shocked as she was.

"I spoke with them on the phone and they were shocked and offered a refund and a $10 goodwill credit," she said.

"They have no idea how it happened."

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