Woman moved by 'Aldi angel's' random act of kindness

A grateful mum has taken to Facebook to thank a kind stranger she’s dubbed an “Aldi angel” after she thoughtfully helped her son.

The woman said she was left stunned after the stranger’s random act of kindness helped out her son and his wife who were shopping at the Aldi Craigieburn Victoria store.

She said the pair have only recently moved out on their own and were doing their first shop together for their new home.

“My 20-year-old son and daughter-in-law have just moved out on their own for the first time and were doing their first shop at Aldi at Craigieburn VIC today,” she explained.

“The lady in front of them paid for their shop, around $200. It has made their day and mine.

“I would like to say thank you.”

Customers entering Aldi store.
The random act of kindness of an Aldi customer in Victoria has shocked people online. Source: Getty Images

She went on to say that the heartwarming gesture has made her son want to “pay olkit forward one day” and do the same for someone else.

“He is planning to pay it forward he couldn't believe that it happened,” the woman continued.

“I wanted to give people hope that there are still some beautiful people in this world. I’ve been calling her the Aldi angel.”

Her thankful post has since attracted more than 1000 likes from other Aldi customers who couldn’t believe the stranger was so thoughtful.

“How uplifting is this. Decent people exist,” one person said.

“How lovely of her & a great start for the young couple,” added another.

“Such a beautiful thing to do. Bless this lady. So nice to know there are still some beautiful people left in this world,” commented a third.

An Aldi shopping trolley full of products. Source: Getty Images
The 'Aldi angel' kindly gifted the pair $200 worth of groceries after paying for their shop at the register. Source: Getty Images

Others said that it was inspiring that despite so many going through multiple lockdowns in Melbourne, there are still people willing to help others.

“Thank you for sharing. Despite the numerous lockdowns and the toll they have taken us all, there is still kindness around us. Thank you for highlighting it,” one person wrote.

“So lovely and kind!! Glad to see in these current times people are still showing kindness when possible,” added another.

“Wow that’s great, very kind of her, and the payback doesn’t have to be with money it can just helping someone someday,” commented a third.

Heartwarming gesture of goodwill goes viral

Surprisingly, others have shared on social media that they’ve witnessed similar random acts of kindness at the checkout too.

A Woolworths customer recently had a huge shock when a teenage girl offered to pay for her groceries.

The girl’s father said he couldn’t have been prouder of his daughter.

An elderly woman at a Woolworths checkout. Source: Facebook
A dad has shared the moment he was touched by his teenage daughter's heartwarming act for an elderly lady at a Woolworths checkout. Source: Facebook

“My daughter got her first pay packet today and we went shopping,” he wrote in a post on Facebook.

“She spotted an elderly lady in queue and said: ‘Dad I want to surprise her and pay for her groceries’.

“To say I was shocked is an understatement,” he continued.

“She asked the lady if she could go first in the queue as my daughter only had two items and the lady’s trolley was full.”

The woman was so shocked and thanked the man’s daughter saying: “You’ve made my day darling”.

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