Teenager's touching act with first pay in Woolworths stuns dad

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A proud father has shared a post on Facebook detailing his daughter’s heartwarming act at their local Woolworths.

The post, which was recently shared to the Canberra Notice Board group, features a written post, and a photograph taken at the Mawson store in the ACT.

The photograph shows an elderly lady with a full trolley of packed groceries, with essential items including toilet paper.

“My daughter got her first pay packet today and we went shopping,” the post says.

“She spotted an elderly lady in queue and said ‘Dad I want to surprise her and pay for her groceries’.

A dad has shared the moment he was touched by his teenage daughter's heartwarming act for an elderly lady at a Woolworths checkout. Source: Facebook
A dad has shared the moment he was touched by his teenage daughter's heartwarming act for an elderly lady at a Woolworths checkout. Source: Facebook

“To say I was shocked is an understatement,” he continued.

“She asked the lady if she could go first in the queue as my daughter only had two items and the lady’s trolley was full.”

The man’s daughter then proceeded to pay for the woman’s groceries, unbeknownst to her.

“She leant forward and put cash in the teller's hand.”

The daughter’s generosity did not stop there, however.

“Not only did the lady get her groceries paid for, but there was change that she got handed back,” the man wrote.

People walk in to a Woolworths store. Source: Getty Creative
All of the people who commented were touched by the story. Source: Getty Creative

“The look on the lady’s face was priceless, she caught up with my daughter and hugged her.”

The lady then told the man’s daughter: “You’ve made my day darling”.

Other acts of kindness that have recently made their way to social media include a Woolworths staffer’s above and beyond gesture towards a customer, and a Woolworths team member’s positive reaction to an in-store emergency.

Heartwarming act melts hearts in comment section

The man’s post, which has since gone viral, has thousands of likes, and almost 400 comments - all of which are positive.

Many people commended the daughter’s act.

“There should be more people like this in the world,” commented one person.

“So sweet, bless her,” said another.

“What a beautiful gesture,” wrote a third.

Other people in the comments praised the father’s parenting skills.

“Thank you for raising a genuinely good human being,” wrote one person.

“That’s parenting done right,” said another.

“You should be so proud of how she turned out,” wrote a third.

Many other people are also commenting that the man’s story has affected them.

“You have made my day,” said one person.

“What a phenomenal story, I’m speechless - crying,” said another.

“I could literally feel my heart glowing reading that,” wrote a third.

Acts of kindness are often shared on social media. A man recently videoed himself giving a disabled man a lift home, and a couple videoed their son’s special reaction to the news that his mother was pregnant.

People share their own stories in comment section

People in the comments section are sharing their own stories in light of a man’s post detailing his daughter’s heartwarming act.

“The other day I saw two girls run out of a bag shop after stealing, it’s so heartwarming to know we still have gorgeous girls like your daughter around,” said one person.

“A young lady paid for my mother’s petrol recently. Mum was so gobsmacked that someone did this for her - what a beautiful soul your daughter is,” wrote another.

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