‘Lift your game’: Aldi shoppers disappointed after Special Buys delayed

Aldi shoppers have shared their disappointment on social media after the supermarket chain announced it is currently experiencing shipping delays for a number of its Special Buys products.

Disgruntled Aldi shoppers were notified on Facebook and the supermarket’s website that long-awaited items in the January Special Buys catalogue would not be available on their specified dates.

“Due to shipping delays, Special Buys may not be available in store on the advertised on-sale date. We’re doing our best to limit these delays and ensure on-sale dates are correct at the time of publishing,” reads the Special Buys Delays page on the Aldi website.

Sign inside Aldi store saying Special Buys are delayed
One customer came across this sign informing shoppers of Special Buys delays in their Leichhardt store. Source: Provided

The Aldi website reads that Special Buys dates are subject to change due to factors outside their control and assures shoppers that “delayed products will be available in-store as soon as possible.”

Aldi confirms delays in supply chain due to Covid-19

An Aldi spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that the factor outside of their control in this instance was the current Covid pandemic, which is causing shipping delays.

“The ongoing global Covid-19 situation has caused delays in our supply chain, including shipping,” said the spokesperson.

“In some instances we have experienced some Special Buys not arriving in-store by the advertised on-sale date,” they added.

The spokesperson suggested that for any current information on Special Buys product delays please visit the Special Buys Delays page on the Aldi website.

Aldi Special Buys novelty watering can delayed
A number of Aldi Special Buys are currently delayed across Australia, including this Novelty Watering Can in Victoria. Source: Aldi

Meanwhile, the Special Buys page features a state-by-state list of all products currently experiencing delays for January 7, 12 and 15.

Among items delayed are the Storage Ottoman, Bedside Table, Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror, Bathroom Scales and Bathroom Corner Cupboard – which were initially scheduled for sale on Wednesday.

Aldi customers slam supermarket over Special Buys delays

Customers frustrated with the supermarket over delays to Special Buys shared their thoughts on the Aldi Facebook page.

“Will this not or never be available like a heap of things you advertise?” asked one shopper in response to the advertised Bedside Table, which is delayed.

Another shopper complained that he “wasted time and fuel” searching for a Hail Car Cover Special Buys only to realise they were also held up.

“Aldi, why advertise the hail car covers which were supposed to be a Special Buy on Wednesday and I can’t find them in any store? I have wasted my time and fuel to have every store tell me there was a delay in delivery!” wrote the angry shopper.

Another customer slammed Aldi for delays to their Fly Catcher Special Buy: “Well Aldi! Where are the fly catchers advertised in your catalogue? None in WA! We are awesome at NOT catching Covid over here, but we still have a load of flies that need catching!”

He added: “Lift your game!”

Aldi quickly responded to customers in each instance, informing them of the delays and directing them to the website for updates.

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