Aldi shopper's concerning warning about 'dangerous' Special Buy

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An Aldi shopper has slammed the store after a recent Special Buy she purchased became damaged after just one use.

Sharing her frustration on social media, the shopper shared a picture of the new Ceramic Non-Stick Saucepan set on the gas stovetop.

She said the pots were “dangerous” after the pot handles started to burn the first time she used them.

“Using my new pots. Not happy, the burning smell through my house. The handle is melting. Please be careful,” the shopper said.

“I’m going back to my local to put in a complaint. Dangerous.”

Aldi Special Buy burning on gas hob. Source: Facebook/Aldi
The shopper was shocked to find that the handle of her new Aldi pots started to burn straight away. Source: Facebook/Aldi

The pot set, which was part of an extremely popular Special Buy promotion on September 15, included a 16cm and 18cm pot.

Fellow Aldi fans on the Facebook page couldn’t believe what had happened, with some saying the pots were more pretty than practical.

“Yep, I’ve seen this happen so many times. Just not worth it,” one person wrote.

“This is why I don’t bother with plastic handles altogether,” said another.

“Oh wow - that isn’t good at all,” added a third.

Aldi Special Buy complaint sparks debate

But the woman’s post quickly created a heated online debate with some saying the way she was using them had caused the plastic pot handle to burn.

“The pots too small for the gas hob. That’s user error,” one person said.

“This is an error on your behalf. Look at the pot to the burner, of course, the handle will burn,” added another.

“The flames shouldn't be that far around the pot, should be under it nicely,” added a third.

Aldi ceramic cookware range. Source: Aldi Australia
The saucepans are part of a bigger range of cookware from Aldi that have been extremely popular with customers. Source: Aldi Australia

Meanwhile, others said despite how she used the pot, it shouldn’t have burned.

“No, it’s not user error. They’re not meant to melt or burn like that,” one shopper said of the pots.

“Irrespective of the flame, the pot should be able to withstand increased heat,” added another.

The two pot set was part of a cookware Special Buy which included ceramic non-stick frypans, a casserole pot and a griddle pan in a range of pastel colours.

The Aldi website states that the saucepan set is suitable for electric, gas, ceramic and induction stovetops and was equipped with a Bakelite soft-touch handle that is welded with a flame guard.

Shoppers complained about another Aldi pot

This isn't the first time a shopper discovered a dangerous issue with the Crofton cooking range.

Another customer discovered a problem with the Ceramic Non-Stick Casserole Pot which was also part of the Special Buy range.

After taking it home and using it, she quickly discovered the casserole dish cannot be used in the oven.

Confused, she shared her annoyance on social media saying she thought the whole point of a casserole dish as that it was oven safe.

“How do you get in contact with Aldi's head office about a complaint with a product?” one person wrote, adding: “Also Casserole dishes, they should go in the oven?”

Aldi casserole pot not oven safe. Source: Facebook
Despite being called a casserole pot, it is not oven safe. Source: Facebook

Fellow shoppers agreed and commented on her post suggesting that the pot may have been labelled incorrectly.

“Casserole dishes should always be oven safe, casseroles are cooked in the oven. Stewing pots may not be oven safe as stews are generally cooked on the stovetop (burner),” one person said on the post.

“They obviously chose to call their pots casserole dishes when they're clearly not. This could easily be a safety issue for someone putting them into the oven,” added another.

While the shopper said there was no instruction about not using it in the oven on the product itself, the Aldi website does state the pots are not oven safe.

Yahoo News Australia understands that customers experiencing an issue they can return any items to any store within the return period.

Customers can also contact the Aldi Warranty Helpline or visit their local ALDI store for assistance.

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