Aldi customers angered by mistake on popular Special Buy

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Aldi shoppers have called out the budget retailer after discovering a big mistake on a recent popular Special Buy.

The Aldi Ceramic Non-Stick Casserole Pot, which was an Aldi Special Buy on September 15, has been extremely popular.

But there’s one big problem that most customers didn’t discover until they took it home - the casserole dish cannot be used in the oven.

Confused customers have since shared their annoyance on social media saying they thought a casserole dish would be oven safe.

“How do you get in contact with Aldi's head office about a complaint with a product?” one person wrote, adding: “Also Casserole dishes, they should go in the oven?”

Customers have questioned why the pot is called a 'casserole pot' if it can't go in the oven. Source: Aldi Australia
Customers have questioned why the pot is called a 'casserole pot' if it can't go in the oven. Source: Aldi Australia

Aldi casserole dish 'could be a safety issue'

Fellow shoppers who also picked up the in-demand Special Buy said the pot had indeed been labelled incorrectly as a casserole dish.

“Casserole dishes should always be oven safe, casseroles are cooked in the oven. Stewing pots may not be oven safe as stews are generally cooked on the stovetop (burner),” one person said on the post.

“They obviously chose to call their pots casserole dishes when they're clearly not. This could easily be a safety issue for someone putting them into the oven,” added another.

“Absolutely should not be called a casserole dish/pot if it can't go in the oven, the definition of a casserole is a one-pot, oven-baked meal,” agreed a third.

The ceramic oven pot became discoloured after going in the oven. Source: Facebook
Despite being called a casserole pot, this Aldi special buy is not oven safe. Source: Facebook

Another added that the mistake in the name could cause an injury.

“The word casserole indicates oven usage. Whoever named this pot a casserole is in the wrong, it needs to be corrected before it causes someone an injury,” the shopper said.

Shoppers say Aldi 'warning wasn’t clear'

The shopper who wrote the post found no clear warning on the casserole pot label which indicated it couldn’t be used in the oven.

After cooking with it, she said the plastic handles on the pot were left discoloured and "burnt".

“I read this and it doesn’t say it can’t go in the oven,” the shopper said of the label on the pot.

“The handles went a very different colour. If it’s a casserole dish it should be able to go into the oven.”

Despite no warning on the product label, the Aldi website states that the casserole dish was “not suitable for oven use”.

Aldi Australia was contacted regarding the name confusion on the Crofton casserole pots.

Yahoo News Australia understands that due to the pots not being suitable for the oven, customers can return the product to their local store for a full refund.

Aldi supermarket entrance. Source: Getty Images
The cookware has been extremely popular with customers snapping up the Special Buy. Source: Getty Images

Aldi cookware a big hit with customers

The Casserole Pot was part of a cookware Special Buy which included ceramic non-stick frypans, saucepans and a griddle pan in a range of pastel colours.

In a separate Facebook post customers were eager to get their hands on them, especially those in lockdown areas throughout New South Wales and Victoria.

"Dang it. Forgot to go get these. So pretty," one person wrote, while another said her store had sold out.

"Were they selling them last week, as I have just got back from Aldi and nothing there," she wrote.

Another customer wrote: "Thank you Aldi Australia for the most prettiest and durable pink pans. It makes cooking so much more enjoyable!"

As well as the confusion over how the casserole pot can be used, others said the cookware range wasn't as practical as it looked.

"They felt really light to me. I prefer sturdier," one person wrote.

"Pretty but not practical by the looks of it," added another.

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